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Deepa is a member of Inner Kara and is obsessed with trying different foods. Deepa is shown visiting a restaurant several times, but all the restaurants she has been to are always destroyed. Even the maids and visitors were slaughtered to the ground.

Also, Deepa has a personal rule. I mean, she doesn’t like to introduce herself, and anyone who has seen her face and knows where she is, that person will be torn apart by her Deepa.

Deepa is also bored with the taste and texture of the food in the world. That is why Deepa supports Victor’s plan, to grow an imitation Shinju tree, so that Deepa can also eat the Shinju no fruit. Deepa’s goal is not to gain power, she just wants to try. As a result, Deepa was frustrated when she saw the melted imitation Shinju tree burned by Orochimaru’s Shikokumojin Jutsu, because Deepa had not fulfilled her wish to taste the whole world.

In battle, Deepa treats his enemy as if he were cooking. Deepa loved to see the enemy in fear and pain and lose hope. The enemy’s expressions of despair were considered a delicacy by Deepa. It is the same as preparing delicious animal meat dishes, the method is to scare the animal before it dies.

Deepa once admitted that stones and bodies are the most beautiful things in the world. Thanks to Amado’s help modifying the Science Ninja weapon, Deepa has the power to absorb carbon into her body and create super-dense molecular bonds. She then polishes herself into a beautiful body and stone as strong as a diamond.

Deepa’s Science Ninja Weapon Special Ability:

1. Deepa manipulates the metal body to resist attacks

When Deepa fought Kumogakure Shinobi. Namely, Marui and Kakui and led by Omoi. Thanks to his tough body, Deepa was able to counter Team Kumogakure’s sword attack with Taijutsu and bare-handed. Raiton’s attack didn’t work to sting Deepa’s body, and Omoi’s sword technique, which was taught by Bee, couldn’t scratch Deepa’s body. As a result, Kakui and Maruit were killed and Omoi was overthrown by Deepa.

Due to the strong layer of metal on Deepa’s body. Various attacks like Konohamaru’s Katon Kayo Endan Jutsu failed to burn Deepa, Mitsuki’s Sage Mode attack failed to topple Deepa, and Boruto’s full Chakra Rasengan also had no effect on Deepa’s body. Just as Shinki’s Kurogane no Kobushi doesn’t work on Deepa either.

Even when Asaka tried to protect Boruto and tried to immolate himself with Deepa using Kinjutsu Higanbana. Until she caused a huge explosion that hit Deepa, but couldn’t scratch Deepa’s body either, and Deepa managed to survive thanks to her metal body wrap.

# Deepa has been hurt

Although Deepa’s body is as hard as diamond, he has been injured once. When Deepa was on a mission from Victor, she was to retrieve Toneri’s Kugutsu in Sunagakure. Deepa fights Team 10 consisting of Shikadai, Inojin, Chocho and Team Sunagakure consisting of Yudo, Araya, Shinki.

At that moment Deepa was taken by surprise, thinking that he had defeated all his enemies. When Deepa turned around while wearing kugutsu, Shinki attacked the black iron sand stabbing Deepa’s back and causing Deepa’s back to get hurt.

2. Deepa manipulates the metal body to strengthen attacks

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Deepa once hardened his finger and smacked it into Boruto’s forehead. Until Boruto’s body was thrown out and crashed hard.

Deepa was able to stiffen her arm and punched him. To launch Chocho’s Nikudan Sensha, bounce Raiton Jutsu: Hebi Ikazuchi and Mitsuki’s Futon: Kamaitachi, and manage to contain Shanaro’s punch from Sarada.

Deepa can also manipulate the metal parts of her body to extend her fingers. Which serves to sharpen her pricks on her fingers and lash out at the enemy from a distance.

3. Deepa fires a hail of bullets

Deepa has the ability to shoot metal bullets that appear around her body. A beam-shaped bullet attack that can be reduced and enlarged. For the enemy to face a barrage of bullets in succession with unlimited intensity.

In the first battle, Team 7, which consisted of Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada, fell victim to Deepa’s bullets. As a result, the members of Team 7 were mistreated and experienced a critical condition at the hospital.

The next time was during Team 10’s joint mission consisting of Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho. As well as the Sunagakure team, consisting of Shinki, Araya, and Yudo. Team 5 and Team Sunagakure were also defeated by Deepa’s lightning bullets. In fact, Shinki’s iron sand shield was shattered by Deepa’s lightning bullet.

4. Deepa transforms into a metal robot

In the second battle, Deepa was cornered by a combination of attacks from Team 7 consisting of Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. Especially when Boruto attacked Deepa’s Asshuku Rasengan, who tried to hold it back, causing Deepa’s metal hand to break. To protect herself from the Asshuku Rasengan’s attacks, Deepa wrapped her entire body in metal and took the form of a robot.

According to Deepa’s confession to Boruto, Team 7 was the first to see the metal robot transform into him. Even though her metal robot form is flawed, Deepa is very confident to finish Team 7 in this robot form.

Boruto then attacked the Asshuku Rasengan again and collided with an attack engulfed in diamond punches into Deepa’s hand. Thanks to the additional help from Mitsuki and Sarada which increased Boruto’s strength, Boruto was able to strengthen his attack against the Cho Asshuku Rasengan which managed to topple Deepa and ripped all the metal in Deepa’s body.

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