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Victor is the head of a medical equipment company in the Valley Country. Victor’s body has also been modified with a Science Ninja weapon by Amado. Victor may be accepted to join Inner Kara, because his company has invested a lot of capital. For the smooth running of Kara’s plan to obtain the Shinju no Mi.

Victor is one of the Veterans of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War. Dan Victor was seriously injured after the war, causing damage to his right leg and right eye. Because his state of health and the damage to his body were getting worse, and he couldn’t wait for Kara’s plan, which was considered too long. So Victor asked Deepa to work together, to grow an imitation Shinju tree, apart from Kara’s organizational activities.

Victor is obsessed with growing the Shinju tree and eating the Shinju no fruit. Therefore, Victor stole Hashirama’s cells from Orochimaru’s lab. And as a veteran of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, it turns out that Victor has also saved the pieces of the Shinju tree to reproduce until they sprout.

Victor’s main goal of wanting to eat the Shinju no Mi is to repair the damaged parts of the body. That is, the right eye and the right foot, and he wants to obtain eternal life.

But because the Shinju tree Victor grew was just an imitation, Victor’s wish didn’t come true. Victor even got entangled in the Shinju tree flower and got trapped inside. Because actually, according to Orochimaru, the original Shinju fruit is not something that can be manipulated by humans.

Great ability that Victor Inner Kara possesses:

1. Victor is a great fighter and has fast movements

When there was a fight in the Land of Silence, between Victor against Mugino and Konohamaru. To fight for Hashirama’s cell. Although Victor looks like an old man and has disfigured body parts. But Victor’s movement was so fast, even Konohamaru was impressed by his skill. And Mugino admits that Victor is not just any father.

Victor also has good Taijutsu skills, and his blows are hard for Jounin like Mugino to avoid. Even the staff that Victor threw into the air had 99% accuracy when landing, to stop Mugino’s sudden kunai attack. To Victor, Konohamaru and Mugino are just ordinary Jounin, and not at Victor’s level of prowess.

2. Victor can use 5 chakra elements

Much like the abilities that Sandaime or Third Hokage Hiruzen possesses. Victor also mastered changing the nature of Chakra, so that Victor can use Jutsu of the 5 Elements. Namely Lightning, Wind, Water, Earth and Fire.

Even Konohamaru, Sandaime Hiruzen’s grandson, was quite surprised when he fought Victor. Because Konohamaru didn’t expect that there was someone else who could master the changes in the nature of Chakra, just like his grandfather’s ability.

# Wind element.

When there was a fight in Silent Country over Hashirama’s cell. Victor uses his wind release jutsu to throw Mugino and Konohamaru elsewhere, so as not to interfere with Team 7’s fight against Deepa.

# Elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Lightning.

When Konohamaru was in Victor’s lab, and trying to stop the Shinju Tree from awakening. There was a fight between Konohamaru and Victor again, then Konohamaru attacked Jutsu Katon: Karyu Endan on Victor, but managed to get countered by Victor’s Water Element.

Next, Victor barraged Jutsu to attack Konohamaru, who was being overwhelmed, as a result of Konohamaru’s former arm becoming entangled in the Shinju tree’s bindings. Next, Victor attacked Konohamaru with Earth Release, Fire Release, and Lightning Release. Fortunately, none of Victor’s Jutsu hit Konohamaru.

Because Konohamaru was helped by the arrival of Orochimaru, who intended to take over Hashirama’s cell.

3. Victor has 2 extra hands

Victor was able to grow 2 additional arms that came out of his shoulders. These 2 additional hands have the function of balancing his body to stand up and can be used to make hand seals to emit Jutsu.

Victor’s 2 extra hands can also be used for fighting. Until once, Konohamaru and Mugino were overwhelmed by Victor, because they were considered to be fighting many people.

4. Victor Menguasai Jikozenchi no Jutsu

As a result of Victor’s actions stealing Hashirama’s cells from Orochimaru’s lab, Orochimaru went to Victor’s lab to seize Hashirama’s cells again. Until there was a fight between Orochimaru and Victor.

Orochimaru attacks a large snake which manages to eat Victor’s head, and Orochimaru also cuts off Victor’s hands. But thanks to Jikozenchi no Jutsu, Victor’s severed head and both of his hands can regenerate again.

As someone who was also proficient in Jikozenchi no Jutsu, Orochimaru recognized that Victor’s body was quite attractive. But according to Orochimaru’s assessment, Victor’s Jikozenchi no Jutsu skill is still not perfect.

And indeed, Orochimaru’s guess turned out to be correct. As a result, every time Victor uses a Regeneration Jutsu, the parts of his body that are deteriorating increase.

5. Victor bears the cursed seal of immortality

In order not to be eaten by age, and still have a strong body. Victor uses the cursed seal to extend his life. That is why Victor, who is already old, can still live and has a strong body to fight.

But unfortunately, the Immortality Curse seal that Victor used on his body went out of control and caused Victor to experience an incurable disease.

6. Victor the deceitful and manipulative

To achieve his goals, Victor often justifies any means. By deceiving people.

– Victor Deceived the Daimyo of the Valley Country

Victor had misled the Valley Country Daimyo that his company was developing technology to save the world. To treat incurable diseases and prevent aging using Hashirama Cells. The Daimyo then protects Victor’s company from the interference of Konoha Village officials who want to look into his investigation.

The Daimyo was amazed and proud to see Victor’s corporate research center. Until it came when Konohamaru cast Genjutsu on the Daimyo and showed that the true reality of him was terrible. Because Victor has carried out inhumane experiments and planted Hashirama cells in the human body.

The Valley Country Daimyo finally realizes that he has been blinded by Victor’s fantasy. And he allowed Konoha to take Hashirama’s cells.

– Victor has the employees sacrifice the Shinju tree

After being mortally wounded in the Fourth Shinobi World War, Victor founded a company under the pretense of helping disabled people like himself. Victor aims to develop medical technology regarding the missing body parts.

That is, doing regenerative therapy, a technique that uses your own DNA to regenerate lost body parts. In addition to unlocking the secrets of aging, it can prolong human life.

In addition, Victor has a corporate vision to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment. Many are in awe of Victor’s company’s lofty vision and mission, thus attracting top experts from various regions to work for his company.

However, all the dedication and loyalty of the employees of Victor’s company was useless. Because Victor has used his employees to become sacrifices, he to completely absorb his Chakra for the sake of growing an imitation Shinju tree.

– Victor lies to Jigen and blames Deepa

Victor is caught by Jigen having grown an imitation Shinju tree without the knowledge of Kara’s organization. Victor defended himself, too, if all this was Deepa’s plan. Victor also has a strong alibi, as he almost died from being sucked into a Shinju tree, and has suffered losses due to the loss of his company.

– Victor pretends to be sick and copies the data from the container

Because Shinju’s imitation tree plan failed, Victor planned to steal the vessel, the main goal of Kara’s plan’s success. Victor uses cunning methods by taking drugs that will put him in a coma. Víctor goes to Amado for a body check, then Víctor has convulsions that put him in a coma and Amado takes Víctor to the infirmary.

But that’s his main goal, because Victor already knows that Kara’s infirmary is connected to the area where the container is kept. Victor then flies a flying robot to infiltrate the container area and copies a copy of the data into the container.

By having a copy of the container’s data, Victor is able to negotiate or threaten Jigen. Even Victor can use the data from the container to do his own research on him, in order to restore his body.

– Victor intends to seize the vessel and is killed by Kashin Koji

Knowing that the container has reached stage 3, Jigen wants to move the container to another location. Victor then volunteered to provide transportation, as Victor had a plane designed to be invisible. So the Shinobi couldn’t detect his presence.

Amado agrees to transport the container on Victor’s plane, but does not allow Victor to get on the plane. Amado also configured the aircraft’s system to fly on autopilot to the destination.

However, Victor’s clever trick deserves a nod, despite the fact that Amado had fixed the plane’s route and Victor was not allowed to board it. But since the beginning of the plane a mechanism has been installed that allows Victor to have control to change the direction of the plane. Therefore, Víctor feels confident to seize the container, since control of the plane is in his hands.

But something happened offstage for Victor, because the plane carrying the containers suddenly lost control and crashed. Although it is true that Víctor intended to seize the container, the cause of the plane crash was not his doing.

Victor’s fate was unfortunate, because he was picked up by Kashin Koji, who had saved a copy of the container’s data, and became the scapegoat for the plane crash. As a result, Koji uses the Purgatory Jutsu to burn Victor’s body completely until he disappears. In fact, Victor’s Jikozenchi no Jutsu ability can’t keep up with him.

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