7 Great Abilities Of The Delta Inner Kara Members In Anime Boruto –

Delta is the only female internal robot figure in Kara’s organization. Delta has a temperamental nature and likes to hurt, and is often rude. Like the other Kara members, Delta’s body was also modified with a Science Ninja weapon by Amado.

# Delta does not like to be underestimated

Delta is more anti-underestimated by others, and Delta is very confident in his abilities. Kashin Koji once asked Delta not to participate in the infiltration of Konoha so as not to cause a commotion, but Koji’s warning was deemed to have underestimated him, so Delta was challenged to break into Konoha and create chaos.

Naruto once pretended to be weak fighting Delta to get the information from Kara, Delta got angry and was ready to rip Naruto’s body as a gift to thank her for putting him down.

Once, Boro taunted Delta, who was battered by Naruto’s defeat. Boro promised to be willing to help if Delta begged as she cried, but Delta insisted that she would kill the Hokage herself.

Code also lampoons Delta, who was defeated by the Hokage and is set to replace him to fight. Delta also asks Code not to be arrogant, because Delta doesn’t mind killing Code before the Hokage.

# Delta’s dedication to Kara

Delta really wants to be useful to Kara’s plan. No wonder Delta was disappointed when she discovered that the container that was the main object of Kara’s plan was missing. Because Delta thought the organization wasted money buying a country. Furthermore, the cause of the crash of the plane carrying the container was allegedly due to sabotage by Inner Kara.

There have been actions of mutual accusations about traitors between Kara Inner. Especially between Code and Delta, but Amado calms down Code and Delta. Then Amado told him that he was in charge of finding the traitor. Although Jigen tasked Amado with revealing the traitor, Delta also harbored suspicions about Amado.

Knowing that there is a traitor among the Inner Kara, Delta is obsessed with capturing him. Delta secretly reviewed the results of Amado’s investigation. Who is in charge of investigating the traitors by examining each Inner Kara. Delta’s biggest suspicion falls on Kashin Koji, because Koji has yet to consult with Amado.

Delta was even more furious, because Kashin Koji was deemed to have taken too much time on the mission to take over the ship. Delta then went to see Jigen that she was eating and Delta conveyed her feelings to him. Delta told Jigen that she had lost her appetite due to worrying too much about losing the precious vessel.

Even Delta kicked over Jigen’s table, because Jigen was too confident in Kashin Koji’s mission. Seeing Delta continue to give scary looks, and for the sake of calming Delta’s mind.

Jigen then allowed Delta to come and directly monitor Kashin Koji’s mission. Delta then accepts Jigen’s offer, because Delta’s goal is to keep an eye on the suspicious Kashin Koji.

Delta’s suspicions about Kashin Koji and Amado were finally confirmed. Furthermore, Delta witnessed it firsthand and picked up Amado that he was about to leave Kara’s headquarters without Jigen’s permission using Kashin Koji’s Kuchiyose Frog.

But when Delta was about to fight Amado and Kashin Koji. Amado then said “bedtime Delta” causing Delta to fall unconscious on the ground.

# Delta is the inventor of Kawaki

Delta is the Inner Kara that found Kawaki to be used as a vessel for the Otsutsuki. It all started when Kawaki bought a bottle of sake for his father, then when he was running, he accidentally collided with 2 delinquent children. These 2 stubborn children made fun of Kawaki’s father, because he was upset when he heard Kawaki’s answer defending his father, this stubborn child hit Kawaki until he hurt his forehead.

Fortunately, an uncle helped Kawaki and gave Kawaki a handkerchief to clean the wound on his forehead. After Kawaki cleaned his wound, Kawaki left the bloody handkerchief on the ground, until Delta finally picked it up.

Delta most likely gave Jigen the tissue that contained Kawaki’s blood sample. Because he was considered to have the potential to become a vessel, Jigen went to Kawaki’s father to exchange his son for a bag full of money. And her father agreed to sell Kawaki.

Special abilities that Delta Inner Kara possesses:

1. Delta can regenerate

Thanks to Ninja Science Weapons, Delta is able to regenerate the parts of her hands and feet that were destroyed in battle. So that Delta can grow the damaged parts of the hands and feet to make them whole again.

2. Delta can turn her legs into sharp weapons

Thanks to Ninja Science Weapons, Delta can manipulate the shape and size of both legs to turn them into bladed weapons. Delta’s two legs could harden like cement, could be shaped like the roots of a tree, and had the edge of a spear.

3. Delta can fly using its legs

Thanks to Ninja Science Weapons, both of Delta’s legs have the ability to emit gas flames like a rocket. So that Delta can float in the air and fly at high speed.

4. Delta has destroyer laser shots

Delta has the ability to fire lasers from both eyes. Purple laser attack with terrible destructive power. A beam of light specially developed to destroy the ability to regenerate. If a person is exposed to this light, the cells in his body will die.

Even the Kyubi’s healing abilities or Scientific Ninja Weapons will be useless in treating him, if he is hit by this laser beam attack. An example is Kawaki’s hand melting, trying to resist this laser attack, although Kawaki’s body is equipped with the Science Ninja Weapon’s regeneration ability, it’s not enough to handle it.

However, this technique requires large chakra, so Delta cannot use it freely.

Delta also used this destructive laser to destroy Kara’s teleportation device at the Boro sect’s temple, causing several sect followers to melt away as a result of the laser attack.

5. Delta has absorbing eyes

Delta has the ability to absorb and store Jutsu attacks from her enemies.

So that Delta can save the opponent’s Jutsu by absorbing it first, then Delta will emit the Jutsu, which will be used to counterattack the enemy.

Although Delta’s ocular absorption ability is very powerful. But this ability is like a double-edged sword, it can be useful to the owner, and it can also harm the owner. Although Delta managed to absorb his opponent’s Jutsu, his storage space also had a limit.

As a result, when Delta faced Naruto, who has the largest Chakra in the world. Delta’s body experienced overload, due to her overcapacity from trying to absorb Naruto’s endless Cho Oodama Rasengan Jutsu. As a result, Delta was defeated by Naruto.

6. Delta can explode on its own

As Naruto manages to defeat Delta, Naruto purposefully keeps Delta alive for interrogation purposes, but Naruto narrowly escapes a suicide bomber from Delta. Because Delta’s body has been installed with a system, if Delta has been defeated by an opponent. Delta will then turn into a suicide bomb that will blow up the surrounding area.

7. Delta has data storage and tracking drones

Delta has a Drone on his back. Delta just needs to give the command to search for someone she wants to find, then the Drone will automatically move to find them. Delta’s eye sight is linked to the drone’s camera. So Delta can monitor a location and track the position of someone she wants to find.

This drone also has a function to store Delta’s basic life data. When Delta’s body is destroyed by self-detonation, this drone will automatically fly to visit Kara’s headquarters. This drone will copy a copy of Delta’s previous basic life files into Delta’s new body pool.

So when Delta wakes up with a new body, the old consciousness will still be stored and will continue in the new consciousness.

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