Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Watch Movie

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which is the end of Marvel’s phase four which has stolen the attention of Marvel lovers after the previous Black Panther. There are several aspects that have caught the attention of both film critics and writers.

The family and people of Wakanda must bury their main protector, after the death of King T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman. Those present wore white clothes, head coverings and headdresses.

Ramonda, Angela Basset’s mother T’Challa, the next Queen, and her sister Princess Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, wore white makeup, one of the conspicuous features of African funerals.

As T’Challa’s coffin is carried, people are seen singing and dancing, with some Wakandans playing the drums. This is a procession from a funeral procession followed by a group performing and dancing.

Those who are not familiar with African burial traditions, the process is tinged with differences. Ramonda, Princess Shuri and all of her immediate family and close friends are devastated by the loss of a loved one.

At the time of the funeral procession, simultaneously those around them seemed to be a joyous celebration. This is because King T’Challa received a traditional African burial ceremony.

Since generations ago there has been an African tradition of dancing and singing at funerals, this shows funerals are not just an occasion to grieve, but to celebrate the life of the recently deceased and celebrate what they fought for before.

Besides that, the colonialism aspect is also a historical aspect that is consistently very visible in this film.

What distinguishes the imaginary nation of Wakanda from its African neighbors is that it has never been a victim of European imperialism or colonialism.

The rare metal, which is the source of this nation’s scientific and technological progress, is a theme and motif of colonialism that is clearly depicted in the concentration of Vibranium in Wakanda.

This was the reason why they persisted in hiding from the world. But Black Panther’s ending suggests that Wakanda intends to become involved in international affairs, moving away from its traditional position of isolation.

The events in this series paint a different picture. Queen Ramonda was punished by the US Secretary of State. One year after T’Challa’s death at a United Nations meeting, for failing to fulfill a promise to become involved in international affairs.

The French even allege that Wakanda has not shared vibranium with the rest of the world and that they even use it to make weapons of mass destruction.

These former colonial countries conspicuously carried out actions that reflected the paternalistic racism of the white nation that was behind African colonization.

These ideas were applied to the exploitation of the African continent, the Americas periodically fomented instability in newly independent African countries to serve their own interests and France played a key role in the Scramble for Africa.

The historical fact is that exploitative interests hide behind well-meaning ideas and look out for one another.

To protect them, the more deserving European and American nations must have access to those precious resources. it is the belief that the people of Wakanda cannot be trusted to oversee such powerful material alone.

Queen Ramonda rejected both arguments quickly, and blamed France for a failed attempt to steal vibranium in a post.

The subtle but reflective touches add to the authenticity of this film. After all, it would be strange if Americans or Europeans showed no interest in Wakanda and vibranium at all.

An ongoing and widespread historical fact that cannot be ignored is the exploitation of Africa’s mineral resources overseas.

In fact, the amalgamation of colonialist practices is a truly captivating spectacle and reminds us that this fictional plot has happened, and continues to happen even though this film is fiction.

This film proves that ‘sensitive’ topics such as exploitation and colonialism can be included in blockbuster and popular films without destroying their quality as entertainment.

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