Degloving Injury Leads to $1M Settlement  

Degloving Injury Leads to $1M Settlement,- A man who suffered a crushed hand after falling in front of a work truck has accepted a $1 million settlement, his attorneys report.  



Stephen Samuels and Jason Reynolds of Columbia report that their client, Charlie Buckberry, and a coworker were working for Southern Roots Tree Service on Oct. 5, 2020 when they decided to go fishing during their lunch break.  


Reynolds said that Buckberry was running alongside the company’s Ford F80 dump truck toward a gate when he slipped and fell partially in front of the vehicle’s front, passenger-side tire. The tire crushed his hand and caused a degloving injury, where the top layers of the skin and tissue are ripped from the underlying muscle. 

Southern Roots’ liability carrier paid its policy limits, Reynolds said, but the workers’ compensation carrier denied coverage.




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“They argued frolic and detour,” Reynolds said. “Because our client had no health insurance, we decided that pursuing the liability carrier on a Tyger River policy limits time demand would be the quickest way to get the client funds to treat his injuries. It was a real time-crunch situation.” 



Reynolds said that his client is still recovering.  

“He’s still treating with the hopes that he will be able to save the rest of that hand and get back to work,” Reynolds said. 

Lawyers Weekly contacted the attorney for Southern Roots Tree Service. The attorney declined to comment on the settlement, and Reynolds requested that the attorney’s name be withheld. 


Amount: $1 million  

Injuries alleged: Crushed hand, degloving  

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Case name: Case was settled pre-suit 

Venue: Charleston County 

Mediator: Karl Folkens 

Date of settlement: June 3 

Special damages: $486,056.83 

Insurance carrier: Progressive Northern Insurance Company  

Attorneys for plaintiff:  Stephen Samuels and Jason Reynolds of Columbia and Brian Johnson of Bluestein, Johnson & Burke in Mount Pleasant 

Attorney for defendant: Withheld