District Attorney Awaiting AUTOATIZATION, Death case in Jail County

Attorneydiction.com,- The Butte County District Attorney’s Office has said it is awaiting the results of the autopsy in the murder case that ended over the weekend in the detention cell at Butte County Prison.

The Butte County District Attorney’s Office said it was awaiting an autopsy result in the murder case that took place this weekend in the detention cell at Butte County Prison.

As a result, the suspect in the case, 23-year-old Michael Borgman, was released Wednesday pending determination of the cause of death of the victim, according to Ramsey.

Borgman was arrested in the death of Sherman Silva, 43, of Chico, after a fight between two men in a “relaxing cell” in the prison. Ramsey said formal charges cannot be filed within the time it is legally required 48 hours after an arrest to detain a person.

Borgman and Silva were together in a quiet cell at the Butte County Jail. The two men were arrested on the night of March 6. Silva was detained by Chico Police on a probation order and placed in a cell because he was suspected of being under the influence of drugs. Borgman was arrested by the CHP on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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While Borgman and Silva were in a lonely cell, the two quarreled. When representatives from the correctional facility arrived, they found Silva unresponsive, Ramsey said. Correctional representatives provided first aid and medical assistance arrived, but Silva never recovered and was later pronounced dead.

Ramsey said prosecutors and sheriff’s investigators ruled that when the correctional representative arrived at the relaxation cell, the officer observed Silva and Borgman lying on the floor against the wall. Borgman’s arms wrapped around Silva’s neck and Silva’s head and Silva lay facing the floor above Borgman. When officers entered the cell, he ordered Borgman to release Silva. The officer said that Borgman immediately released Silva and complied with the instructions of the correctional staff.

In an interview with investigators, Borgman claimed Silva was a start. Borgman explained that Silva hit him and then accused him. According to Borgman, because of Silva’s allegations, Borgman’s back and head hit the concrete wall of the cell. Borgman says he closes Silva’s head and neck to develop and defend Silva to stop and reduce follow -up attacks. Borgman explains that while he was in control of Silva, Silva continued to hit Borgman. Borgman said that he continued to detain him until a representative from the correctional center arrived.

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Ramsey said Borgman’s injury examination showed injuries that fit Borgman’s self -defense claims.

Silva’s body was transported to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office for an independent forensic examination. But Ramsey noted that the Sacramento County Inspection Office said it could not announce the cause of death until toxicology results were received from Silva’s blood samples. Without a cause of death, the prosecution could not proceed with the case.

The Prosecutor’s Office is awaiting the results of the toxicology and autopsy before proceeding with the case.