Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Debate in Korea?

Attorneydiction.com, – The Korean drama (Drakor) hits Netflix, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, invites polemic. Taking place in his native country, South Korea (South Korea).

Extraordinary Attorney Woo himself tells of a female lawyer named Woo Young-woo. Has an autistic identity that looks like echolalia but has an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of 164 and often uncovers several complicated legal cases.

Some families described the series as “pure fantasy”. They call the emerging personality unrealistic.

“To many people, achieving such a Woo will be equivalent to a child winning an Olympic medal for cycling without being able to walk,” the mother of an autistic child told local broadcaster Lee Dong-ju. / 2022).

Regarding uniforms, Lee Da Bin also said. He has an autistic spectrum similar to Woo’s, ranging from hypersensitivity to taste to academic excellence.

However, this was discovered too late, so he dropped out of school and went to a psychiatrist because of mental stress. He thrives on “just feeling different,” blaming himself for not being able to socialize.

“People don’t identify with mild forms of autism at all. I feel like I’m being erased,” he said.

“I’ve lived my whole life thinking that I’m just a weirdo… and it’s my fault that I can’t be friends with other people,” she added.

Some experts have indeed said Woo’s personality is indeed “a fiction that has been created to maximize dramatic impact”. But in fact, there is more truth to his story than many South Koreans realize.

“Nearly a third of people on the spectrum have average or above average intelligence. They may not have prominent autistic features or even be aware that they have it,” said Ewha Women’s University Mokdong Hospital prof, Kim Eui- junks.

Kim Hee-jin, another psychiatrist professor at Chung-Ang University Hospital in Seoul, said the same thing. Public understanding or description of autism which plays a major role is still very limited in South Korea.

“The universal society views autism as a condition associated with severe intellectual disability,” he said.

“Early intervention can help prevent those on the spectrum from blaming themselves for the challenges they face because of autism, such as difficulties making and maintaining friendships,” he said.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo himself is currently the most watched non-English series this month on Netflix. Previously, the same thing happened in Drakor Squid Games.

Lead actress Park Eun-bin, 29, once said she was hesitant at first to accept the position. He realized that the power of information stories influenced the perceptions of autistic people in South Korea and beyond.

“I feel I have a moral responsibility as an actor,” he said.

“I know (the series) will definitely have an impact on people with autism and their families,” he added.

“This is the first time I really didn’t know what to do, when I had to express something, when I was reading the script,” he said. ***

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