Fall from tractor leads to $1M Settlement, – A man who was injured after falling from the back of a tractor trailer has settled his negligence suit for $1 million, his attorneys report. 

    Stephen Samuels and Jason Reynolds of Samuels Reynolds Law Firm in Columbia report that their client, Joshua Hicks, was loading a tractor-trailer at The State newspaper in Columbia when the truck rolled forward several feet, causing Hicks to fall out of the trailer and onto the loading dock. Hicks landed on his left side, breaking his ribs and causing a disk herniation. 

    “When this case initially came to us, we thought it was nothing more than cracked ribs, but the injuries continued to manifest and we discovered that he had herniation in L4-5, which resulted in surgery,” Reynolds said. 

    The truck was owned by JT Bell Trucking and insured by Progressive Mountain Insurance Company, which paid its policy limits. 

    “I got in contact with the carrier, and they had a million-dollar policy,” Reynolds said. “We were able to get him treated through workers’ comp, which included the surgery.” 


    Amount: $1 million personal injury and $7,500 workers’ compensation with waiver of the lien 

    Injuries alleged: Broken ribs, herniated disc 

    Case name: Case settled before any lawsuit was filed 

    Venue: Richland County 

    Date of settlement: April 9 

    Special damages: $211,0567.73 

    Insurance carrier: Progressive Mountain Insurance Company 

    Attorneys for plaintiff: Jason Reynolds and Stephen Samuels of Samuels Reynolds Law Firm in Columbia 

    Attorneys for defendants: None (pre-suit settlement) 

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