Genshin Impact v3.3. Test of Courage

HoYoverse launched the main event in Genshin Impact v3.3. This event, called Akitsu Kimodomeshi, offers various prizes to players. One of them takes Genshin’s test of courage.

Test of Courage and Akitsu Kimodameshi are programs at v3.3. This event only lasts for a limited time and can be attended according to the schedule provided by HoYoverse.

You should know that these wishes immediately appear on your own page. Generally, he is asked to immediately come to Kamisato’s room and meet Ayato, Ayaka’s brother and head of the Kamisato clan.

There, Ayato immediately recounted this incident. He can then go directly to the event location and into the forest.

There, he is immediately asked to find Kazuha’s partner or spectator, Gorou. If you have a partner, complete the quest by finding a specific one.

This quest is completed immediately if you meet Itto and get the item in question.

Later, you soon meet a girl who is wearing a red kimono. For more details, you can visit the following page to know more about this event.***

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