Google Didn’t Infringe Digital Photo Frame Patent, Jury Finds


Texas-based Profectus sued Google in 2020, claiming that its Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, which control smart-home functions, play music, and display images digitally, infringe its patent. Profectus’ patent relates to a mountable digital photo frame.  

However, following a four-day trial, the jury found that Mountain View, California-based Google did not infringe the patent or induce others to infringe. The jury also found that five parts of the patent at issue weren’t patentable.  

U.S. District Judge Alan Albright had told the jury that it could find the patent invalid if its innovations had already been disclosed in earlier devices or publications. Several patents were identified by Google and a Sony digital photo frame was identified as relevant “prior art” to the Profectus patent. 

Profectus has also unsuccessfully sued Apple, Dell Inc, and Samsung Electronics America Inc over the patent.

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