Harry Styles’ girlfriend, Comments are considered possessive

Attorneydiction, Singer Harry Styles’ mistress, Olivia Wilde, is feeling more comfortable going public.

With an age gap of 10 years greater, Harry and Olivia’s relationship was in the spotlight.

But they both believe that the big age difference does not have a bad influence on them.

Olivia seems very supportive of Harry’s various career paths.

Especially recently, the former One Direction member has started to take acting seriously.

Harry Styles was sent by Marvel to be one of their great superheroes.

Joining the Marvel family of heroes is certainly a huge accomplishment at this age.

Olivia, who has a background in film and is a director, fully supports her lover.

Even for the promotion of the Marvel Eternals movie, like the first movie, Harry was introduced as the character Eros.

Olivia Wilde was recently spotted leaving a supportive comment on a photo upload.

The upload belongs to the @gemmachan account, or Sersi’s character in the Eternals movie.

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Gemma uploaded multiple photos at once, from movie posters to photos with other actors.

In those photos, there are two photos of Gemma posing close to Harry.

They hugged each other and smiled at the camera in their respective hero costumes.

She shows if the two are really familiar on set.

Gemma wrote promotional words in the caption.

“Now available on @disneyplus,” Gemma wrote, letting her followers know. She was seen commenting on Gemma’s caption with an excited expression.

“Obviously looking at it now,” Wilde said.
Shortly after Wilde posted the comment, she deleted it.

The reaction from netizens was quite lively after learning that Wilde had written a supportive comment about Gemma’s upload.

But not a few think that Wilde is showing a possessive attitude.

The reason is because in the photo it is clear that Gemma and Harry are close.

Because there were so many perceptions about the intent of Wilde’s comment, she was now deleting it.
Olivia had revealed that now her life feels happier.

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She is grateful that she can do what she wants now and it feels good to be able to feel that.

“I feel happier than ever, and it’s great to feel that,” she said, according to Vogue.

Although her relationship with Harry Styles is not very exposed to the public, they both look happy and always support each other.