Houston Attorney Criticises Travis Scott’s Handling Of Astroworld Tragedy


Houston attorney James Lassiter has criticised American rapper Travis Scott as he denies allegations, including negligence, in lawsuits filed against him over the Astroworld Festival tragedy. 

Speaking to CNN, Houston attorney James Lassiter, said, “Travis Scott’s attempt to escape responsibility for creating a deadly situation from which his fans could not escape is shameful and, sadly, true to form.”

While he continues using social media to present a public image of someone who is grieved by the catastrophic loss of life that his actions caused, he is quietly paying celebrity lawyers to argue his victims deserve nothing more than symbolic help with funeral costs.”

Lassiter represents Bharti Shahani, a 22-year-old university student who died in the Astroworld stampede, as well as several of the Astroworld attendees who suffered significant injuries. 

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A second Houston attorney, Brent Croons, who represents 1,547 festival attendees, is demanding that Scott pay $10 billion to settle litigation from the disaster. 

What happened at Astroworld was an unconscionable tragedy and it is important that justice is served for all those impacted,” said Coons. We will roll over every rock in this matter. Everyone associated with these types of events has the power to halt conduct that is resulting in injury to attendees. It has been terribly disappointing that some defendants have already gone public misstating and down-playing their responsibilities that attach to events such as this.”

A hearing is scheduled for December 13.