How To Effectively Promote Your Law Firm Business Online


Create a website

Like any other business, you’re going to need a law firm website to promote your law office online. It’s the starting point for many companies, especially if you’re new to the game. Without an online presence, it will be difficult for potential clients to get in touch with your law office or even learn about what services you can provide them. And once they do that research and find out how awesome you are, then all of a sudden there’s no way for them to contact you.

Ensure that whatever law firm website template design is chosen by the company has a simple focus on sleekness and minimalism rather than being over-decorated or using unnecessary colours. Premium law firm web design agencies would say, you need to create a website that will accurately reflect your professionalism and your practice. This means that you create a transparent and easy-to-read page that has all the necessary information about you and your firm, and that always works fine without any hiccups.

Here’s a list of things a good law firm website has to have:

  • The firm logo
  • Good, clean design that is easy to navigate
  • Contact information
  • Any social media links you have (ie; Facebook, Twitter)
  • The template must be responsive and mobile-friendly

Use social media to promote your business

Social media is a must-have tool for law firms. It’s necessary for law firm businesses to promote themselves today more than ever before, and social media is an excellent way of doing business online. With it becoming such a popular platform on the Internet, using it as part of your law firm promotions will allow you to reach out to potential clients who are looking for legal help.

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You must be active and interact with your followers and potential clients. You must also ensure that you reply to any comments or questions on the platform you post something within a timely manner, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, or one of the other platforms available. If possible try having some fun with this by running contests and giveaways for law firms online prizes through them as well. Just make sure to follow all guidelines laid out by each specific site when doing so.

You can start promoting your law firm business today if you have an account set up on these popular sites: Facebook (by far most popular), Google+, YouTube (if videos are part of your marketing campaign), Instagram (great photo-sharing app for law firms) and Linked In (for law professionals). You can also promote your law practice by tweeting on Twitter, pinning photos and updates to Pinterest, sharing videos on Vine and YouTube, and subscribing to other accounts.

Develop an email marketing strategy

Email marketing has become a popular way to promote a business online. It is a great tool for promoting and reaching out to potential clients. With this type of program, law firms can build up an effective client list made up of loyal customers who have opted in through the proper channels so as not to violate any regulations with respect to spamming or being unsolicited emails. 

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This kind of targeted email campaign allows a law firm business owner who knows his or her audience well enough from having surveyed them beforehand will be able to target very specific markets based on demographics such as age, location, gender etcetera. They will also know what they are interested in due to being already familiar with your company and more than likely they will be more than happy to receive email updates on your law firm’s current promotions or new law-related services offered.

Consider using video marketing for your business

It’s more likely for people to watch a video than reading through long blog posts. People are drawn to videos because it is more engaging than just reading text on a screen. It’s good for law firms to utilise video marketing in order to effectively promote their business online. The best way would be having an explainer video, which can help people understand what your law firm does and why you do it. It’s a great way for law firms to promote themselves and their business online.

Maintain a blog with content that is relevant and timely

You should have an active blog as part of your law firm’s online presence. It is important to create one and post valuable content on it. The best law firms try to make their blogs as relevant and timely as possible because this will increase the likelihood that people will visit it, share its contents, and ultimately lead them back to the law firm website for more information.

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A blog can also help you establish yourself as an authority in your field by sharing knowledge about legal issues with others who may not be familiar with everything that goes into practising law or working at a law firm. Your expertise could attract new clients looking for personalised service from someone they feel understands where they are coming from based on what you have shared through your blog posts on topics such as how much work law firms are doing these days, law firm marketing tips, how to succeed as a lawyer at any law firm, etc.

Utilise search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques

SEO is the staple of online marketing. It is the process of maximising the number of visitors to a particular website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in organic (non-paid) search results from major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Search engine optimisation has been proven to be one law firm marketing strategy that yields higher returns on investment compared to other forms of law firm marketing.

No business can succeed without an online presence and your first step towards success is creating the perfect website for your law firm. Make sure you have lots of social media accounts where you’re active as well as a blog that utilises SEO techniques. Email marketing for targeted audiences and video creation is the way of the future so embrace it as quickly as you can. With these tips, you’ll have an avalanche of clients coming your way.