How To Settle Out Of Court And Avoid Long Court Proceedings


Settlement Conferences

This entails both parties and their lawyers appearing before a judge to see if the case can be settled without going to trial. This is usually done early on in the proceedings, and if it’s not successful, the court will schedule a date for trial. This is how Fortinet reached a settlement with FireEYE in late 2017, just four days before jury selection was set to begin. Both parties agreed with the settlement, which helped avoid a lengthy and costly trial. The case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning that it cannot be brought back to court.


Another way to settle out of court is to take the case to arbitration. With this method, a third-party arbitrator hears both sides and decides that everyone agrees ahead of time. To avoid expensive legal proceedings in an actual courtroom, many parties turn to arbitration services for help with their lawsuits.

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When it comes to conciliation, both parties use a conciliator who the court appoints. The conciliator’s job is to try and help the two parties agree outside of court. If they’re successful, then the case won’t go to trial.

Meeting with conciliatorThe conciliator meets each party separately and discusses the case with them. They’re there to act as a mediator, trying to determine both parties’ views on the situation. Part of their role is also finding common ground between the two sides to agree informally on some issues without having to go before a judge.


The conciliator acts independently of the court system and isn’t legally obliged to pass information onto either party’s lawyer or directly involved in deciding whether a judge should approve an agreement. Although it may seem like this would give more power over negotiations back into your hands, you do have less control over proceedings if one side fails to reach an agreement. You will still need legal representation during any conciliation meeting for advice about how to proceed.

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Neutral Evaluation

In this method, an evaluator or mediator is brought in to help the two parties reach a fair agreement. This neutral person can either be knowledgeable about family law or an expert hired for this purpose alone. The evaluator works with both sides, offers advice, and makes recommendations until they decide together.Court sessions are not always the best option for settling a civil dispute. Some disputes can be resolved through other methods, such as mediation or arbitration. If both parties are willing to compromise and settle out of court, the process can be much quicker and less expensive than a trial. If you consider settling your dispute outside of court, contact an attorney for more information on how to proceed. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action based on the facts of your case.

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