Janet Sanz’s lawyer: 60,000 euros, Paid by the people of Barcelona

Janet Sanz's lawyer: 60,000 euros, Paid by the people of Barcelona

Attorneydiction.com,- “What an anomaly.” This is how legal sources have lashed out at Crónica Global contracts, external attorney Janet Sanz, criminal attorney Olga Tubau, who will cost around 60,000 into public coffers and who are outside the city’s legal aid agreement.

The sources consulted by the media, mentioned above, have recalled that the Barcelona City Council already has framework contracts with four law firms for the advice, assistance, representation and defense of city personnel. But Tubau & Lajara & Echevarri – a team of lawyers – will not be among them and will be awarded “beyond the competition”.


City Council, because its lawyers are “not legally empowered to defend the rights and interests of city personnel or elected officials.” The council explained that “both elected officials and staff have the right to legal assistance to protect the exercise of their legitimate functions”, so “the City Council will have to bear the costs.”

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The inconclusive justification of several lawyers consulted by Crónica Global, criticized the decision. “The average minutes for Olga Tubau and her office range between 50,000 and 60,000 euros,” they said. If the case reaches trial, the costs to be borne by taxpayers will be even higher. They lashed out that “BComú, the champion for remunicipalization and against outsourcing, signed off to one of the best private law firms when its board members had problems.”


The deputy mayor of Urbanism is under investigation for allegations of denial, abolition of the obligation to prosecute crimes and obstruct justice in the Buenos Aires squatter home case.

The property was closed and, later, the City Council initiated the Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan to preserve and take over and build perpetual flats. The complaints centered on Sanz’s refusal to grant a building permit to open a hotel on the farm before the plans were amended.***

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