Kakashi responds to Itachi and Sasuke’s challenge

Kakashi is known as the Copy Ninja impersonator. Because Kakashi was able to imitate the Jutsu of the enemy he first met, and it was said that Kakashi had copied hundreds of moves.

Not only adept at mimicking the Jutsu of other Shinobi, Kakashi is also highly skilled in using the Sharingan eye ability. Despite the fact, Kakashi is not from the Uchiha Clan. Because Kakashi’s sharingan was a gift from Ubito Uchiha.

The brothers of the Uchiha clan, namely Sasuke and Itachi, had underestimated the ability of Kakashi’s Sharingan. Because Kakashi is considered to be unable to awaken the true power of the Sharingan, like the original Uchiha clan.

But what happened, Kakashi was able to master the highest level Sharingan eye technique, which only a handful of Elite Uchiha Clan had.

# Kakashi masters the Mangekyō Sharingan after being belittled by Itachi

It started when Itachi and Kisame infiltrated the Konoha village. Kakashi, noticing that there were 2 suspicious figures in the tea shop, asked Kurenai and Asuma to follow him. The 2 suspicious figures, Itachi and Kisame, caused a fight. Between Asuma and Kurenai against Kisame and Itachi.

Kakashi then followed them to help Kurenai and Asuma who were overwhelmed fighting Itachi and Kisame.

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Kakashi tells Kurenai and Asuma, if only Kakashi has the Sharingan, that he can counter Itachi’s Sharingan eye ability.

Itachi was impressed with Kakashi. Because Kakashi can use the Sharingan correctly. Although Kakashi is not the original owner of the Sharingan and Kakashi’s body is not from the Uchiha Clan.

But Itachi underestimated Kakashi, because Kakashi’s ordinary Sharingan was deemed insufficient to be able to match the greatness of Itachi’s Mangekyō Sharingan.

Feeling confident against Itachi, Kakashi was hit by Genjutsu Tsukuyomi. Which made Kakashi feel the pain of being hit by a sword, continuously for 72 hours.

It is said that 1 second in the real world feels like hours or days to someone who is trapped in the world of Genjutsu Tsukuyomi.

As a result of being trapped for 3 days in the illusionary world, Kakashi also collapsed and was unconscious for 1 week in the hospital.

After 2 years, on a mission to rescue the Kazekage in the town of Sunagakure. Kakashi met up with Itachi and fought him again.

But unlike before, Kakashi had anticipated it, so as not to be hit again by Itachi’s Genjutsu Tsukuyomi.

On top of that, Kakashi already knew, the risk of Tsukuyomi would make Itachi’s body depleted. Because Tsukuyomi requires a lot of Chakra and endangers Itachi’s eyesight.

What surprised Itachi the most was Kakashi’s statement asking, how bad is Itachi’s eyesight now? Itachi did not expect Kakashi to understand the risks of the Mangekyō Sharingan and suspected that Kakashi had mastered it as well.

However, Kakashi and Itachi’s fight didn’t last long. Because what Kakashi is up against is not the real Itachi. However, another person who had been modified by Pain took the form of Itachi. And given 30% of Itachi’s Chakra and can be controlled by the original Itachi remotely.

Itachi’s suspicion that Kakashi had mastered the Mangekyō Sharingan turned out to be correct.

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At that moment, Deidara flew into the air and hopped on a bird from his Clay Jutsu. To escape the pursuit of Naruto and Kakashi, who wanted to seize Gaara. It was at that moment that Kakashi used his Mangekyō Sharingan and attacked Deidara from a distance, managing to cut off Deidara’s right hand.

# Kakashi dominates Susano after being challenged by Sasuke

It started when Sakura went alone, to approach Sasuke with the goal of killing him. Kakashi, who is worried about Sakura’s safety, also goes to Sasuke’s location.

After Sasuke defeated Danzo. Sakura then met Sasuke and expressed her intention to join Sasuke’s group. Sasuke gave Sakura conditions, so she could join his group. Namely, Sakura had to finish off the dying Karin, as a result of being stabbed by Sasuke’s Chidori while fighting Danzo.

Actually, Sakura’s words to join Sasuke’s group were lies. When it looked like Sakura was about to throw a kunai at Karin, Sakura actually intended to give it to Sasuke when she was caught off guard.

While Sakura was hesitating to draw a kunai at Sasuke. Suddenly, Sasuke was about to attack Sakura from behind using Chidori. Fortunately, Kakashi arrived in time and held off Sasuke’s Chidori attack, and managed to save Sakura.

Finally, there was a meeting between the teacher and the students who had not seen each other for 3 years. Kakashi, as a teacher, feels that he has a moral responsibility to stop Sasuke’s troubles in the Shinobi world. Meanwhile, Sasuke no longer considers Kakashi his master.

Having a favorite student who left the village and was required by circumstances to fight him. Making Kakashi believe that he could understand Sandaime Hiruzen’s feelings for Orochimaru. Meanwhile, Sasuke intends to have Kakashi die like the Sandaime.

Sasuke was very upset seeing Kakashi using his sharingan to fight. Well Sasuke Sharingan is proof of the Uchiha Clan, and he asked Kakashi to stop using it.

But Sasuke underestimated Kakashi’s Sharingan. Sasuke then showed Susanoo and bragged that his Sharingan was superior to Kakashi’s. And Sasuke challenged Kakashi if he could do Susanoo.

Even so, Sasuke also praised Kakashi for being able to use the Sharingan well. Especially when Sasuke saw that Kakashi was capable of mastering the Mangekyō Sharing-gan and managed to absorb the arrows from Sasuke’s Susano’o attack.

However, Kakashi and Sasuke’s fight didn’t last long. Because Naruto was also present and took over the fight against Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke fought again facing Rasengan and Chidori attacks. Moments later, Tobi also came to bring Sasuke home.

In the fourth great war of the Shinobi world. As a result, Madara was cornered by Sasuke and Naruto, who suddenly became powerful after Rikudo gave them strength. Madara, who only used 1 Rinnegan on his right eye, felt that it wasn’t enough to match Naruto and Sasuke’s prowess. Madara then decided to take Ubito’s Rinnegan, then Madara stole Kakashi’s Sharingan. Madara entered Ubito’s dimension using Kakashi’s Sharingan and took the Rinnegan in Ubito’s left eye. After that, Madara implanted Kakashi’s stolen Sharingan into Ubito again.

Also, during the final battle of the fourth great Shinobi world war. As a result of not having the Sharingan, Kakashi had felt useless. Because Kakashi could only groan and watch, the fight between Kaguya against Sasuke and Naruto.

Until at one point, Kaguya moved into a dimension with a very strong gravitational pull. Kaguya then fired 2 sticks towards Naruto and Sasuke who were having a hard time moving. To be useful, Kakashi is willing to sacrifice being a shield that protects Sasuke and Ubito to protect Naruto.

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But Kaguya’s stick attack only hit Ubito and killed Ubito. While Kakashi was still alive, because the stick that was aimed at Kakashi was successfully absorbed by Ubito with Kamui.

When Ubito had entered the kingdom towards the gate of the afterlife. Ubito was greeted by the woman he loved, namely Rin. Ubito asked Rin to wait for him a bit longer, because Ubito wanted to help Kakashi not catch up with Rin and Ubito.

Because Chakra is capable of connecting 2 worlds. Ubito with the rest of his life energy entered Kakashi’s mind and gave 2 Sharingan to Kakashi.

Later, Kakashi was able to use 2 Sharingans on both eyes. Kakashi can also use Susanoo with perfect form. Also, Kakashi’s Susanoo has a scratch on its trademark eye. And he has the power to turn Kamui into a shuriken weapon that can absorb objects hit by attacks.

Seeing Kakashi being able to use Susanoo, to help Sakura out of Kaguya’s absorbing hand tantrums that failed to become a Juubi. Making Sasuke unable to believe what he had seen, Naruto then reminded Sasuke again, about Kakashi’s prowess as a Copy Ninja Copycat. In fact, Naruto thinks that Kakashi’s Susanoo is cooler than Sasuke.

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