Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Punch) Released 2023

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Punch) Released 2023

anime release Bear Kum Kum Kum season 2 by title “Punch” it is in april 2023. anime season Spring 2023.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Punch) Released 2023

It has been announced that the second season (Punch!) of the television anime “Kumakuma Kuma Bear,” A different fantasy anime work of “Shousetsuka ni Narou” will be produced.

How many episodes of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear season 2 and what volume?

In “Kumakuma Kuma Bear Season 1” that aired in October 2020, the stories of up to 5 original volumes were animated. Season 2 is the story of the sixth volume of the original.

However, like the first and last episodes of the first season, this one was made for the anime, so the number of episodes doesn’t have to follow the original order.

What is interesting about this anime?

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Punch) Released 2023

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is an isekai anime that I don’t think has major conflicts like Itai no wa Iya nano de and Wandering Witch Elaina. I quite like Yuna, as MC in this anime, where she is calm and humble even though she is very overbearing.

Oh yeah! I have also written about anime recommendations with dominated MCs. Please check!

Other than that, there are many interesting things that made me follow this series, and it is possible that even in season 2 I will follow it.

Synopsis YY The Bear Season 2

Yuna, a lonely gamer girl who was sent to another world by the hand of a self-proclaimed god. As for what happened to him, it was thanks to the super bear power and super bear magic of Kuma-san’s strongest team, the knowledge of the modern world, the reliable companion Fina, and the unyielding bearing that was like the other world. .

Playing with otherworldly friends, eating and preparing delicious food, relaxing and having the occasional adventure, Yuna spends her days carefree.

However, he couldn’t just sit back and relax. Pinches from friends, attacks from monsters, plans from villains and various other troubles will not leave Yuna alone.

“Okay, that advantage, Kumakyuu! Kumakyu!” she said. let’s clean it up with panchi (punch) the mortal and enjoy living in another world!


And one Fine
And Bear Bear, Yuna, Anime Spring 2023
Beautiful girl who is a retired gamer. One day, she is sent to a different world and at the same time she gets a set of equipment that allows her to learn various abilities, such as physical enhancement and extraordinary magic. ……But for some reason she was a bear costume. Possessed of a brilliant mind and a refreshing personality like splitting bamboo, she said what he wanted to say clearly, without hesitation, no matter who she was talking to. On the other hand, it seems that he is not very good at building intimate relationships.
bear bear bear, fine
She has a sweet smile and a dedicated hard worker. She has a sick mother and a sister three years his junior, and she works to support the family. She can dismantle monsters. She’s a solid person, but he’s kind of bad at expressing her feelings. He has a fateful encounter with the bear-armored Yuna and ends up becoming partners in both public and private.
Phocrose Black shuri
Y and Bear Bear, Noir, Anime Spring 2023
His nickname is Noah. She the daughter of the ruler of Crimonia. He is very polite in his words, but he is so energetic that he even rocks Yuna sometimes. After seeing her in town, she becomes a big fan of Kuma-san (Yuna). She sees Fina, who has a deep relationship with Yuna, as a rival to her.
And and bear bear, Shuri, Anime Spring 2023
Finn’s younger sister. Innocent and very curious. She helps her mother, Tirumina, instead of her sister, who is frequently off work, but is still a spoiled child for her age. Perhaps because she stayed at home most of the time, she was very curious about the outside world.
fahrenheit scale shea foschlosa
YY Bear Bear, Misana, Anime Spring 2023
Her nickname is Misa. She is the granddaughter of the ruler of another country and a young woman of good morals. She appears to be Noah’s old friend and calls her Noah’s older sister. Although she has a quiet and reserved personality, she wants to know more about Yuna, whom she recently met.
Y and Bear Bear, Shea, Anime Spring 2023
Noir’s older sister. She attends school in the royal capital and lives in the capital with her mother, Elerora. He seems to have gotten very good grades in school, but seems to have built up too much self-confidence.

(From the official website of the TV anime “Kumakuma Kuma Bear”)

actor/voice actor

And one: maki kawase
Beautiful: Fast What time
Fochrose Black: rina hidaka
Shuri: miyu tomita
Fahrenheit scale: satomi love
Shia Fochrose: inori minase

Production equipment/staff

Original: Thousands
Character draft: 029
Director: Yu Nobuta
Sutradara series: Hisashi Ishii
Series Composition: Takashi Aoshima
Character Design and Chief Animation Director: Yuki Nakano
Art Director: Katsufumi Hariu
Color design: Mika Iwami.
Design object: Shinobu Isoko
Sutradara photography: Yoichiro Sato
Editing: Genki Niimi
Sutradara suara: Hiroto Morishita
Music: Shigeo Komori
Music Production: Nippon Columbia
Animation production: EMT squared

OP and ED Season 2 Theme Songs

[Lagu tema pembuka]
Artist: Under investigation
Song Title: Under Investigation

[Lagu tema penutup]
Artist: Under investigation
Song Title: Under Investigation

Kumakuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Punch!) When is the release date?

Kumakuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Punch!) When is the release date?

anime ” Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Season 2 (Panchi!) will be animated for the second season, it was announced that the telecast will start in April 2023. We will update as soon as we know more details about the broadcast date.

The anime Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear season 2 release with the title “Punch” is in April 2023. The anime season is spring 2023.

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