Lawyer Gabriel Villanueva: “Media Pressure Leads to Punishment”, – According to Gabriel Villanueva defense, the sentence he received this Wednesday, after he was found guilty of murdering his former colleague Adreea Celea, was due to “media pressure”, which was the product of “parallel trials”.

Villanueva was sentenced to 20 years, in prison this afternoon for the murder of his then-boyfriend, whom he threw from the eighth floor, according to the sentence issued by a judge at the Second High Court in the National District.

Her lawyer Sonia Marlene Guerrero said they would appeal the verdict, understanding that there was no basis to support it.

“We will appeal the sentence, we understand that the only reading they gave today, namely details, brush strokes of the sentence, which is inevitable because there are contradictions between them. We will definitely appeal,” he added.

When deplored the sentence, the lawyer said that he would say without fear of his perception of it.

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“What if we hoped something like this could happen, well, we knew that something like this could happen, I would say without fear: because of media pressure, why, because unfortunately we have a justice system that runs parallel trials on the network,” he added.

However, he noted that he understood what judges were alleged to be doing in the country. “That’s your job, I understand,” he said.

He advanced a strategy he would use to get a favorable sentence for Villanueva, 26, who was jailed days after the incident.

“We will use these rules effectively and we will not attack the courts or anyone in particular, we will attack those decisions, decisions which will not suffice by itself because they are talking about circles about violence and the Public Ministry is not paying up, and you are. can already verify that, proof that there must be violence between the two of them, “he said.

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And there he shows “the uncontrollable behavior of the two” and that “both of them have a partner.”

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“We are just waiting for our mutual motivation on April 15, we will appeal and we will continue to insist and I will keep Andreea Celea jumping from the balcony, we continue to say, I will continue to maintain my position,” he said.***

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