Moving Overseas With A Criminal Record


While in prison, you may have probably heard many things about restrictions and free movement abroad. It may create conflict in mind when hearing information relating to moving overseas with a criminal record. You may even think of how many felonies can be reduced to misdemeanours, but you need to know a few things beforehand. If you are on a license, there can be some hindrance that can stop you from moving overseas. So, you can move within the EU.

However, at what time and in which place you can travel freely depends on the nation you are willing to visit. In addition, the scope of travelling abroad also depends on the nature of your crime and the sentence you have received. To visit countries like Australia or the USA, you will need to apply for a Visa. If this is making you worried, then don’t be, as many people have been successfully granted a Visa even with a criminal record.

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Visiting Abroad While On License

Whilst on a license, it is perhaps that you will have to encounter restrictions on moving overseas every time you are on a license. A standard limitation of almost every license is to deter travelling outside of the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands without the grant of permission from the responsible officer.


Hence, when considering travelling to foreign countries, it is better to reach out to your probation officer. You can do it informally to acquire an opinion on whether you can get permission through prior requests or not. Remember, every probation area has their own specific approach to moving abroad. Consequently, it is important to get a copy of the policy that prevails in your area to know the proximity of you meeting the criteria.

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Moving Abroad Whilst On License

Moving overseas can be quite difficult all the time while you are on a license. Though you are out of jail, the time when you are on a license is still categorised as a part of the sentence put on you by the court. Generally, you have to stay in the UK community for some time on license before you get the consideration of moving overseas with a criminal record. This is mainly to ensure that any possession of risk of offending again can be assessed and evidence to conform with your license conditions. In the process of deciding whether to approve your request to move abroad, the probation officer will take into consideration your family ties and other connections prior to your crime commitment. Also, they will review if your offence is in any way related to the nation you wish to move to.

Travelling Whilst On Sexual Offenders Register

In case you have been sentenced due to a sexual offence, you may see that your name is still on the register even after your license end. In such a case, you should continue to inform the authority about your intention of staying outside the country, whether for three days or more. After informing the authority of your travel plans, your supervising police officer may grant you permission on your passport with an Interpol Green Notice. This notification on the passport will help in sending a warning overseas to the immigration officers. They will get an alert that an individual with a sex offenders register is on their land. It usually depends on the nation you wish to travel to, may deny your entry and send you back to your country.

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Information On The Passport

The UK uses a biometric passport from the year 2006, and it contains a microchip that stores a digitised passport size image of yours along with your biographical details. All this information is printed on your passport, but nothing is available on the physical version of your passport. It is a misconception that the chip in the passport holds the details of your criminal record.