Navistar To Pay $52 Million And Reduce Pollution As Part Of Settlement With US Justice Department


On Monday, the Justice Department said that Navistar illegally used heavy-duty diesel engines which were not authorised by the Environmental Protection Agency emissions rules.

The United States filed a lawsuit against Navistar in 2015 over the engines, with the Justice Department ruling that the company must now purchase and destroy enough older diesel engines to prevent 10,000 tons of future NOx emissions. Navistar must also forfeit its current NOx credits. The Justice Department claimed that, after lower emissions standards came into effect in 2010, Navistar utilised 7,749 diesel engines that did not meet the lower emission standards. 

Navistar said it has signed a “definitive settlement agreement” with the Justice Department and the EPA. In a statement, the company said, “Navistar is pleased to put this legacy issue behind us and eager to focus on transportation solutions for the future.”

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