Nicola Hanna, Will Retire As U.S. Senior Attorneys In Los Angeles

Nicola Hanna, Will Retire As U.S. Senior Attorneys In Los Angeles
Nicola Hanna, Will Retire As U.S. Senior Attorneys In Los Angeles,- This week, Nicholas T. Hannah, a US attorney in the Central District of California, immediately resigned from the Los Angeles federal attorney’s office, for three years she handled 280 lawyers who prosecute crimes under federal law, represent the US in civil disputes. and working on security issues. district in seven districts with a population of 20 million people.

Hannah, who was appointed to a temporary position in January 2018 and confirmed by the United States Senate three months later, resigned from President Trump on Monday and introduced herself as a lawyer. General Jeffrey A. Rosen. Hannah’s last day at the office is Friday, after which she plans to return to the private sector. USA’s first Atty assistant. Tracy L. Wilkinson will play the actress.

“It’s an opportunity to serve the public like no other,” said Hannah in an interview.

Hannah, 59, worked as a prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles and San Diego in the 1990s before starting a private practice.


When he left society at a large law firm to head the Los Angeles office in 2018, he found that he recreated himself from the 9/11 attacks and what he described as an “internationalization” crime. The service has a national security department, prosecutors and agents who seek to repel cyber attacks by foreign participants, and the results of complex fraud are increasing abroad.

“Many works are already international in scope,” said Hannah.

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After taking office, Hannah identified her priorities as the top cyber crimes, including the black web market; hackers of synthetic opioids that caused fatal overdoses; and public corruption.

“Public corruption is one of my top priorities,” he said. “This is where we showcase our unique capabilities, where we can reach people who mainly sell their offices.”

After a year-long investigation that deepened the dirty interactions between elected leaders, businessmen and lobbyists in the Los Angeles City Council, board members José Huizar and Mitchell Englander were indicted last year, as were several others, including the deputy mayor. and the councilman. maid.

Another priority is to try to control the fatal overdose.

“If you have friends or relatives who have died, nothing really happened,” said Hannah.

Prosecutors and agents began targeting drug dealers who sold lethal doses, usually fentanyl or another drug coated with a strong synthetic opioid, often without the user’s knowledge.

Los Angeles federal prosecutors accused a dozen people of drug trafficking, leading to a fatal overdose.

Among them were Ed Buck, accused of giving lethal doses of meth to two men who died in his West Hollywood apartment, and Cameron James Petit, accused of selling counterfeit oxycodone pills associated with phycanil to Mack. Miller, two days earlier, the rapper overdosed and died. .

Many of the lawsuits filed during Hannah’s term have made headlines: a series of accusations and petitions that shocked the Los Angeles City Council, charges against North Korean hackers involved in blatant attacks on Sony Pictures, the arrest of dozens of Band members of MS. 13 accused of logging in the Angelis National Forest, but a less popular case, says Hannah, stands out in his memory.

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In April 2015, Ali F. Elmezaen was driving his car on the San Pedro pier. Elmezaen swims through the sunken car window; his wife, who could not swim, survived after a fisherman threw a life jacket at her. Elmezaen’s two sons, aged 13 and 8, both with severe autism, were tied to a car and drowned.

Elmezaen took out millions of dollars in life insurance policies and the accidental death of his family, the researchers found. He raised $ 260,000 after his son’s death, spending part of the money on buying boats and real estate in Egypt.

“It usually leaves until some young people [American paralegals] decide to do a follow-up investigation,” said Hannah.

Federal prosecutors charged Elmezayen in 2018 on charges of fraud, money laundering and identity theft. Elmezaen was convicted in court and is awaiting sentencing. The public prosecutor has since blamed Elmezaen for killing his son.

Hannah’s office also sued for the murder of the captain of the Conception submarine, which burned at the waterline off the coast of Santa Barbara with 33 passengers on deck. All passengers and a crew member were killed.

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“It took me a long time to do that,” Hannah said of an investigation conducted 15 months before Captain Jerry Boylan was indicted. “It’s complicated, tragic and sad.”

Hannah said it remains to be seen how the U.S. Attorney’s Office will take into account changes in the Los Angeles County Attorney’s Office, where new Attorney General George Gascon has promised to reduce the number of people sent by his agents. in jail. and for how long.

In contrast, a Hanna spokesman said in a statement announcing that before the COVID-19 pandemic nearly halted the process, the Los Angeles Federal Prosecutor’s Office increased the number of defendants by 41% compared to 2017.

Hannah further said she hoped local law enforcement would hand over more cases to federal prosecutors, especially investigators who work with federal agents in task forces to investigate human trafficking, weapons leaks and gangs.

But he also noted that the firm has 200 attorneys who deal with all criminal and national violations of federal law in the jurisdictions of seven counties with 20 million residents.

“We can’t be a DA,” he said. “We can’t handle all the cases.”

Hannah said the role of federal prosecutors should be “added” to municipal and municipal law enforcement agencies, intensifying the prosecution of “the most violent, dangerous and complex schemes that require long-term investigations where local resources may not be sufficient.” .