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It could be said that Naruto is the pioneer of Oiroke no Jutsu. Because throughout the Naruto anime, the person who first used and taught Oiroke no Jutsu was Naruto. In fact, Jiraiya, the legendary Konoha Sannin, was fascinated by this technique and recognized Naruto’s genius in creating sordid Ninjutsu.

Naruto has 2 main Jutsu namely Oiroke no Jutsu and Harem no Jutsu. Even though they are both seducing Jutsu. However, Oiroke no Jutsu is a Taunting Jutsu with 1 person. While Harem no Jutsu is a version of Oiroke with a higher number, fitting the Kagebunshin number.

Here are 8 figures conquered by Oiroke no Jutsu Naruto:

1. Oiroke no Jutsu Naruto managed to conquer Iruka

This all started when Naruto was still a student at the Academy. Iruka as his homeroom teacher, lectured Naruto in front of the class and was witnessed by the other students. Iruka was worried as Naruto had failed the Academy graduation test. But Iruka was also annoyed, because Naruto never stopped causing trouble.

Then, for no apparent reason, Iruka asked all the students at the Academy to retake the Henge no Jutsu test, including students who had previously passed. As a result, the students were suddenly shocked, some students blamed Naruto for Iruka’s decision, but the other students managed to pass the Henge no Jutsu test again.

Then it was Naruto’s turn, to correct his mistake and take a second chance from Iruka. However, Naruto instead uses Oiroke no Jutsu turning into a sexy woman, while posing to seduce Iruka. As a result, Iruka’s body slumped over and a nosebleed came out.

2. Oiroke no Jutsu Naruto managed to conquer Sandaime Hiruzen

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When Naruto had just graduated from the Academy and was a Genin level Shinobi. Also, Naruto is required to send Shinobi form data to the Hokage. However, the Third Hokage or Hiruzen had a problem with Naruto’s Shinobi form data, because Naruto’s profile picture was too peculiar and considered ugly.

Even though Naruto had told Hiruzen that Naruto’s photo was a piece of art, he had spent 3 hours thinking about the concept. However, Hiruzen kept repeating his words, that Naruto’s profile picture was very ugly.

Because he was upset by Hiruzen’s words. Naruto then used the Oiroke no Jutsu turning into a beautiful woman, while he taunted Hiruzen. As a result, Sandaime Hiruzen suddenly had a nosebleed and fell off her seat.

3. Harem no Jutsu Naruto managed to conquer Ebisu

The incident started when Konohamaru became Naruto’s student, because Konohamaru wanted to learn Oiroke no Jutsu. However, Ebisu, who served as a private teacher, did not allow Konohamaru to be friends with Naruto. Also, when Ebisu brought Konohamaru and Naruto together, and found out that Konohamaru had learned Indecent Jutsu from Naruto, Ebisu wanted to force Konohamaru to return home and keep him away from Naruto.

Witnessing Ebisu forced Konohamaru to go back home, even though Konohamaru didn’t want to. And Ebisu’s words that put Naruto down. Naruto then used Kagebunshin to challenge Ebisu, but Ebisu confidently prepared himself to serve Naruto to fight.

Then Naruto used Harem no Jutsu. In order to change Kagebunshin’s form into a group of sexy women, a group of beautiful women hugged Ebisu’s body and teased him. As a result, Ebisu had a nosebleed and was thrown into the air, then fell unconscious on the ground.

4. Oiroke no Jutsu Naruto managed to conquer Jiraiya

It started when Naruto was trained by Ebisu to learn basic skills. Namely, collecting and controlling Chakra. Ebisu took Naruto to a hot spring, they then taught Naruto how to control Chakra by walking on the surface of the hot water. If Naruto falls into the water, it is considered a failure.

Later, Ebisu picked Jiraiya up as he was looking at the women’s bathroom. Ebisu then rushed to attack Jiraiya. However, Jiraiya summoned a frog animal that wrapped its tongue around Ebisu’s body and then threw Ebisu’s body off a cliff until she passed out.

Naruto was shocked to see that Jiraiya had defeated Ebisu. And Naruto wants to sit below Jiraiya. Later, Naruto demands that Jiraiya be held responsible for disturbing his Chakra control practice by walking on water. And he asked Jiraiya to supervise Naruto’s training. However, Jiraiya refused to train Naruto.

Naruto has deployed every attempt to persuade Jiraiya to train him. Claiming to have read the Icha-Icha book, Jiraiya knew that Naruto was lying. Later, Naruto followed Jiraiya wherever he wanted him to go. But the result, Jiraiya avoiding Naruto even more.

According to Jiraiya, researching to write was more important than serving Naruto. Looking at the plump women, Jiraiya will be inspired for the writing material of the book from him. That was the reason why Jiraiya refused to train Naruto.

Then Naruto used Oiroke no Jutsu on Jiraiya. By changing his form into a sexy woman, while he taunts Jiraiya. As a result, Jiraiya suddenly had a nosebleed and fell in love with Naruto’s Oiroke form. Until finally, Jiraiya was willing to train Naruto.

5 and 6. Harem no Jutsu Naruto managed to conquer Puccha and Mondai

At that time, Lee and Guy were leaving Konoha to carry out a mission. 2 false intruders, Puccha and Mondai try to take advantage of the situation. Posing as Lee and Guy. Puccha and Mondai imitated Lee and Guy’s appearance by putting on makeup in the salon, without using the Henge no Jutsu.

Puccha and Mondai’s main mission is to obtain secret information from the people of Konoha. The one from the Hokage’s office. In return, the popularity of Puccha and Mondai would increase and they would be considered heroes and win medals in their home towns.

Later, Naruto met Puccha and Mondai, who were infiltrating the Konoha village. Naruto actually thought that Mondai and Puccha were the real Lee and Guy. Naruto then asked Puccha and Mondai to allow Naruto to join in practicing Taijutsu together. Fearing exposure, Puccha and Mondai declined Naruto’s request.

However, the reason for Puccha and Mondai’s refusal made Naruto want to practice even more. So Naruto used Kagebunshin, then changed it to Harem no Jutsu. Turning into a bunch of beauties and seducing Puccha and Mondai. As a result, Puccha and Mondai submit, fall in love, and grant Naruto’s wish.

7 and 8. Oiroke no Jutsu Naruto managed to defeat Kaguya and Sakura

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto and Sasuke found themselves overwhelmed by their Chakra ancestor, Otsutsuki Kaguya. Because Kaguya has the ability to absorb Ninjutsu. Even though Naruto and Sasuke have a very deadly Master Jutsu, all of them are useless against Kaguya.

In the same place, Sakura and Kakashi watched from a distance, the fight between Kaguya against Sasuke and Naruto.

Then Naruto told Sasuke a plan to create an opening and defeat Kaguya. Although Sasuke initially doubted Naruto’s plan, Naruto convinced Sasuke, if Naruto had secretly trained the Seduction Jutsu, rather than training him in learning the Rasengan.

As a distraction, Sasuke attacks Amaterasu on Kaguya. While Kaguya was busy absorbing Amaterasu, Naruto approached Kaguya and created several Kagebunshin.

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Also, Naruto uses Oiroke: Gyaku Haremu no Jutsu. By turning into a group of handsome men without wearing any clothes. As a result, Kaguya became careless, so Naruto managed to hit Kaguya and almost sealed Kaguya away. Because Sasuke and Naruto barely managed to save the world. All of that thanks to Naruto’s seductive Jutsu that managed to create an opening.

In fact, Sakura witnessed Oiroke: Gyaku Haremu no Jutsu from a distance. Let yourself be hit by the effects of nosebleeds and feel the temptation. Sakura admits that the Oiroke Jutsu works on her, but she doesn’t believe that Oiroke will work on Kaguya. However, when she sees that Oiroke manages to seduce Kaguya, she is shocked by Sakura and suddenly faints.

Grades: For those of you wondering which episode is Oiroke no Jutsu vs Kaguya. You can see this incident in Anime Naruto Shippuden Episode 463.

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