One Piece 1068, Silvers Rayleigh’s Riddle Secret Revealed

One of the strongest characters until One Piece 1068, Silvers Rayleigh, still has many mysteries.

One of the riddles in One Piece 1068 reveals why Rayleigh is called the King of Darkness. Initially, fans thought that Rayleigh actually had the power of darkness. But the reality is different.

What’s the real reason? The following is a discussion of the manga One Piece 1068 reported from various sources.

When Dr. Roger first met Rayleigh, he didn’t say much about the past.

Rayleigh later admitted that his house was burned down and he was forced to steal a boat and live on the boat. The two directly asked each other for no other reason.

Rayleigh reveals himself only momentarily answering his name and Roger says that their meeting was fate. Roger asked Rayleigh if they wanted to conquer the world together.

Even though he didn’t like it at first and thought it was a crazy idea, Rayleigh somehow believed in Roger’s dream. At this point, the World Government seems displeased with Rayleigh’s refusal to join them.

In the end, they decided to burn down his house and destroy it. Meanwhile, Rayleigh’s other alibi with Roger is that he is currently being hunted by the World Government and is about to die.

So instead of doing something right before his death, it’s better to join Roger. Rayleigh was accused of being a generation of criminals on an island or town who rebelled against the world government.

This is shown by his ability to sense all three types of Haki. As is well known, one can obtain Haoshoku Haki if one comes from a generation of rulers or leaders.

Therefore, many people say that Mr. Rayleigh is a famous person or king who knows some places. As the heir to the throne, he does not like being in the middle of world government power.

Or it could be that Rayleigh did something to anger the World Government forces. This is shown by Rayleigh’s composure, which was not too sad when his house was destroyed.

The Rayleigh phenomenon is similar to Sabo. Sabo fled as heir to the throne because he refused to work for the World Government because he wanted freedom.

Sabo’s choice had to be paid dearly by the destruction of the Gray Terminal. The difference with Rayleigh, this can be seen when facing several events that occur. Rayleigh looks more mature than Sabo.

Then, based on all the facts above, what does Rayleigh have to do with being called the King of Darkness?

There are two possible answers to this question.

Rayleigh is a dark lord actually this is the first reason.
So far, there are not many names of kings in the One Piece world, for example Pirate King Roger, the King of the Underworld who is held by some people.
Then the second was the Kingdom of Darkness that Rayleigh owned and controlled.

if that was true, the title of Dark Lord did come from his accomplishments like Roger and the others.

It’s possible he got this nickname because Rayleigh moves like an intelligence agent, always attacking his enemies in the dark. After that, Rayleigh most likely got the nickname because he was a king or would-be king somewhere.

But because he was once famous as a pirate, Rayleigh’s limitations meant nothing. The World Government feels trapped in the world of pirates which is described as a dark and cruel world.

In the end, Rayleigh gave his name to the Dark Lord. Here are some reasons why Rayleigh is called the King of Darkness in One Piece 1068.

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