Personal injury: Driver Error that Caused a Car Accident in 2021,– According to the president of the International Organization for the Prevention of Road Accidents, “more than 90 percent of traffic accidents are caused by human error.” This is truly staggering, considering that nearly 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents each year. This means that only 10% of car accidents are caused by other mitigating factors. This leaves one wondering, what is considered a driver error and how and why does it occur?

Driver error is generally defined as a driver exhibiting poor driving behavior; however, this vague definition can cover a number of situations and circumstances. Below is a list of some of the bad driving behaviors that cause most car accidents.

  1. Driving recklessly
  2. Speeding or erratic driving under the influence of alcohol
  3. Change lanes without giving a signal.
  4. Ride on hard shoulders
  5. Red light is on
  6. Non-compliance with results and / or stop signs
  7. Driving aggressively
  8. Distracted driving, such as talking on the phone or eating
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This negligent behavior contributes to an increase in the number of deaths per year. According to an article by Alert Driving, the Global Driving Risk Management Agency, if the trend of 3,500 deaths per day or 150 per hour due to driver errors continues, “the number of traffic fatalities worldwide will increase. by 67 percent during the period 2000 to 2020. “

It is time for people to drive more responsibly because the number of cars on the road does not decrease, there are no distractions in the car that can distract drivers from the road.

Since the risk of human error is imminent and increases if left unchecked, consideration should be given to taking steps to change bad driving habits.

According to a Motor Vehicle Association, 10 steps must be taken to ensure reasonable driving. The list is listed below in its entirety. In fact, if you take the list and consider not following these steps, you are directly contributing to driver errors due to a lack of proactivity.

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10 steps of responsible driving for all passengers

  1. Plan your route
  2. Complete regular vehicle maintenance
  3. Focus your attention
  4. Minimize your distractions
  5. Know your environment
  6. make room for nearby vehicles
  7. Watch your speed
  8. Keep your distance
  9. Show your intentions
  10. Always wear your seat belt

With a few steps that are reasonably obtainable and proactive, motorists can significantly reduce the percentage of accidents caused by their mistakes. This proactivity will save and improve the lives of drivers everywhere.***

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