PETA Requests God of War Ragnarok, Present Fashion Without Animal Violence, – Until now, the expedition to fulfill a prophecy of the end of the world in Norse mythology has been passed by Kratos and Atreus in God of War Ragnarok, indeed, they have to go through many obstacles and challenges.

Not only do you have to fight against the gods and their chosen knights, there are also monsters of various dimensions that inhabit the 9 realms who will also want to end your life.

For Kratos and Atreus, it’s a source for an exciting action experience.

But for PETA? As was predictable, a new source of complaints to attract mass attention.

Through their Twitter account, PETA again expressed their objection to the God of War Ragnarok

they think it fits a lot of animal torture animations in it, including the giant dog – Garm which they think has been treated horribly. Without demands for a boycott, PETA even asked Sony Santa Monica to inject a separate fashion called “PETA Fashion”.

As soon as the mode is activated, all matters related to animal violence content will disappear.

As was predictable, PETA’s request was again responded negatively by Twitter netizens who saw it starting as a kind of joke request.

Sony Santa Monica and Sony itself have not spoken about this request. How do you feel about this atmosphere?***

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