Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Featuring Ed Sheeran!, – Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are out and you can play them. As usual when a game is released, there are many new trailers that will encourage players to buy this game.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet trailer showcases never-before-seen new gameplay, worlds, Pokemon, and features.

Lots of cool and new stuff from Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Curious what’s in this new car?

All from the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet trailers

Ed Sheeran – Celestials

Nobody expected this partnership to happen. Ed Sheeran recently released his new song, Celestial. This song was created as a sign of collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Pokemon.

In the music video for the song Celestial, Ed Sheeran is seen going about his daily routine. What’s special this time, when writing songs and looking for musical inspiration, Ed Sheeran joins Pokémon such as Pikachu, Charmander, Snorlax, Lapras and many more.

It hasn’t been announced whether this song will be in the game later or not. However, what is clear is that this song is a special song for the promotion of the newest Pokemon games, namely Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

Miraidon and Koraidon

As shown earlier, the two famous Pokemon in this new version have other abilities besides fighting. If in general Pokemon live in the same place, Miraidon and Kuraidon are different from them.

The shape is designed to resemble a motorcycle, so you can use Miraidon and Kuraidon as moving vehicles. You can turn it into a motorbike!

Miraidon and Kuridon can also be used to travel from high to low without having to cross mountains or hills. It is definitely a useful and valuable Pokémon for these two Pokémon.

Advance purchase

If you pre-order the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games before their release date, you can get one of the unique Pokemon that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Pokemon you get is a special Pikachu. You can’t get Pokémon in-game with just this initial purchase fee. The advantage is that this Pikachu can use the Flying style and get the Flying Tera form.

This Pikachu is special! Judging from the usual Pokemon, Pikachu can’t learn the Fly skill because it doesn’t have wings. However, this special Pikachu can learn to fly because it has a balloon on its back.

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