Rush Hour 4 Production Confirmed! says Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is known as a multi-talented actor. As a step? In addition to being an actor, he is a director, stuntman, writer and producer.

Other than that, he has acted in various types of movies, from action movies to comedies. Chan has been studying acting since the 1970s and has acted in over 100 major films.

He has one movie that is considered to have increased his popularity so far, namely Police Story. Since he starred in Police Stories, Jackie Chan’s name has become more and more famous.

The interesting thing about Chan, when shooting a dangerous movie, Jackie Chan did not want to use the role of the actor. He prefers to do various dramatic performances himself.

During his lifetime, Jackie Chan was nearly killed acting in the 1986 movie Armor of God. But in recent years, it seems the name Jackie Chan is no longer heard.

Many years have passed since his name appeared in a Hollywood movie. However, Jackie Chan finally returned with good news.

Recently, Jackie Chan confirmed that he and his team are producing Rush Hour 4. Chan said that he would meet with the director to discuss the script for the fourth film.

However, he did not mention which directors would be involved. It is not yet known if the script for Rush Hour 4 has been completed or is still in development.

For those geeks who forgot, Jackie Chan has starred on Rush Hour since 1998. Since then, he has appeared in two more Rush Hour series, the last of which was produced in 2008.

Chan plays a Hong Kong police detective named Lee. But he’s not alone, as Lee is still following Detective James Carter, played by comedian Chris Tucker. Now what makes this movie even more interesting is the cultural difference between Lee and Carter.

As we know, Lee is from Hong Kong while Carter is from America. These differences make the movie more enjoyable to watch. Lee and Carter work to solve many international crimes.

Thanks to outstanding performances by Lee and Carter, each Rush Hour movie managed to make a fortune. An example is the first film to gross $244 million.***

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