State Attorney, 8 newest circuits took office

State Attorney, 8 newest circuits took office,- North Central Florida is getting a new State Attorney for the first time in nearly 20 years. This is the method he plans to balance justice and decisiveness for the crimes committed.

8 Circuit District Attorney Brian Kramer said he would fight for justice based on crimes and not people.

“We will look at criminal cases and problems without prejudice or prejudice. Look at the facts of the case and look at the people involved and the circumstances, continue to evaluate them fairly. “

He said his office had been a leader in criminal justice reform. They have used a diversion program to keep people out of prison, which he plans to continue,


“We have a system where people will not get a criminal record for a relatively minor first or sometimes second offense. We were the first to do that. “

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Kramer wants to implement new communication methods to increase clarity.

“Today, if the charges are rejected, that person really doesn’t know why. What we’re trying to do is change our system so that people in real time will know why it was rejected. That’s one of the changes that we will make relatively quickly. “

He said because everyone has an inherent bias, he would employ a diverse team.

“If they see something that isn’t right, they feel comfortable saying that it’s not true. Then there are people in the office who can look at them and say yes that’s not true, we have to do something different or there’s no valid reason to do this that isn’t race-related. “

The biggest challenge? Make the right decisions at the right time.

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“When something happens that is in the big public interest, people want an immediate decision. Finding techniques to find time to make those decisions is a huge challenge. Because if you do it any other technique and rush it, you’ll definitely regret the decision. “

Kramer ran unopposed for the position after the challenger was deemed ineligible.