This is why Isshiki can’t bring himself to kill Boruto! Thanks Boro –

When Boruto fought Boro in another dimension. Being able to take and free Naruto who was locked up by Jigen in a jar. During the fight, Boruto was down due to inhalation of black mist filled with a virus, Boruto then approached Boruto and thanked him, because thanks to Boruto the time limit that limited Kara’s plans had disappeared. But Boruto didn’t know what he meant Boro at all.

Here’s why Isshiki didn’t kill Boruto and Boro thanked Boruto

# The reason why Boro thanked Boruto

This is because, before the fight between Boruto and Boro, Kara’s organization had experienced a shock. After returning from Konoha and being defeated by Naruto, Delta told the Inner Kara members if there were any other people who had real Karma aside from Jigen and Kawaki. Inner Kara, of course, was shocked to hear this news, especially Code, who had carried out an investigation on Naruto after defeating Momoshiki, and Code found no Karma in Naruto’s hands. Code then guesses that Sasuke has Karma, but Delta corrects Code’s mistake, if Karma Momoshiki’s owner is Uzumaki Boruto.

Even Jigen didn’t expect Momoshiki to prepare a container for Boruto’s body, just before Momoshiki finally died. Although Boro can’t wait for Mugen Tsukuyomi, Boro is happy to learn that the Hokage’s son will inherit Karma Momoshiki. Thanks to Boruto, Kara doesn’t need to speed up her main plan, so Boro is grateful to Boruto.

# Boruto understands Kara’s plan thanks to Boro

It’s still a big question mark for Boruto, trying to understand the reasons for the thanks and the limits of Kara’s plan that Boruto told him. Until Kawaki’s karma suddenly disappeared, because Isshiki reincarnated from Jigen’s body. Isshiki then came to Konoha to plant his Karma into Kawaki again, but Isshiki’s arrival was blocked by Sasuke and Naruto, who were ready to serve him in the fight. So Boruto also helped Naruto and Sasuke. Through the use of Space and Time Ninjutsu, Boruto managed to drag Isshiki into another dimension and led Isshiki to leave the Konoha village.

Then, there was a fierce battle in another dimension between Sasuke and Naruto against Otsutsuki Isshiki. Even though Naruto and Sasuke had fought using all of his strength, Isshiki managed to defeat Naruto and Sasuke until they were almost dead. Isshiki also prepared a giant cube to crush Sasuke’s body, just like he had done with Naruto. But Boruto tried his best to attack the Rasengan, to resist the pressure of the cube that was about to crush him and his beloved mentor. When Boruto’s Rasengan runs out and the giant cube is ready to drop on Boruto and Sasuke.

Suddenly, Isshiki uses Sukuna-Hikona’s ability to reduce the size of the cube, until finally Boruto and Sasuke’s lives are saved. However, Boruto was stunned by Isshiki’s action of stopping the cube, even though it was a good chance to finish off Sasuke and Boruto at once. Boruto then concludes, if Isshiki doesn’t dare to kill Boruto, Boruto understands that thanks to Boro’s words saying that Kara’s plan to limit Kara was lost because of it. Boruto’s suspicion also proved correct, if Isshiki tried to use Boruto to carry out Kara’s plan.

# The reason why Isshiki does not dare to kill Boruto

Alcohol use disorder

In order to grow the Shinju tree, the Otsutsuki Clan must use the Juubi as a seed. But the process of growing Shinju trees is different from just planting ordinary trees. It is not enough to bury a seed in the ground and water it, in order to turn a Juubi into a Shinju tree, special requirements must be met. The requirement is only 1, which is to feed the Juubi with the Otsutsuki that are still alive.

That’s why when the Otsutsuki Clan decides to invade a planet, they always come in pairs. This is the arrival of Isshiki and Kaguya who want to invade planet Earth. According to the Otsutsuki clan’s plan, Kaguya will sacrifice herself to be eaten by the Juubi and give birth to the Shinju tree. While Isshiki will monitor the growth of the Shinju tree until the Chakra fruit comes out. But in the middle of the way, Kaguya decided to betray and attack Isshiki until he was seriously injured.

Isshiki took a long time to heal the wounds from Kaguya’s attack, until he was finally able to survive by residing in Jigen’s body. While Isshiki’s health condition had improved, unfortunately Isshiki no longer had any friends from Otsutsuki. Because Kaguya was also unlucky because he m̶e̶n̶j̶a̶n̶d̶a̶ was sealed by his son, and again by Naruto and Sasuke. As an Otsutsuki living alone on Earth, Isshiki intends to carry out the Otsutsuki Clan’s plans alone. That is to grow the Shinju tree and get the Chakra fruit. Though in the process, Isshiki was assisted by the Kara organization, who also wanted Mugen Tsukuyomi to materialize and obtain the Chakra no Mi.

What is meant here is only that Isshiki prepared to sacrifice himself to be eaten by the Juubi. But Isshiki wasn’t going to die a foolish death without achieving his goal. Because Isshiki had planted Karma in Kawaki, so even if Juubi had eaten Isshiki, Isshiki would reincarnate in Kawaki’s body that had been implanted by Karma. Isshiki then revived and obtained the Chakra no Mi, which was his original purpose for coming to Earth.

Originally, according to Kara’s plan, Isshiki should have become a sacrifice for the Juubi to eat, after all, there was no other choice. But then Kara received the news that Boruto had inherited Momoshiki’s karma, so there was another option. Isshiki plans to feed Juubi to Boruto, because Boruto is Momoshiki’s Otsutsuki vessel. Also, there are good and bad Chakra fruits, such as apples and oranges. Only good trees produce good quality fruit.

Compared to Otsutsuki (Jigen) who is dying and unhealthy, Otsutsuki (Boruto) who is young and healthy will better nourish the Shinju tree. That’s why Isshiki didn’t dare to kill Boruto.

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