TikToker Viral, American Girl Shop Investigates ‘Illness’

A reporter was caught lying about the American Girl doll and the show went viral.

The clip, shot by producer and reporter @MannyFidel and uploaded to @MSNBC, quickly garnered more than 730,000 views and 5,000 comments.

Newsmax host Rob Finnerty, host of “Wake Up America,” says in a video on December 11. 12 and went to the American Girl store in Rockefeller Center in New York City looking for a doll that resembled her daughter.

However, according to the newscaster, he couldn’t find a doll that looked like a “beautiful 6-year-old white girl.” “Everything was kind of awake,” Finnerty said.

The ad prompted MSNBC reporter Manny Fidel to go to an American Girl store to see if he could find a “white doll,” and the discovery of him has now spread to TikTok.

Almost immediately, Fidel noticed that the store was full of white dolls, not just on display, but in boxes on shelves and in videos on the walls.

“A doll is the first thing you see when you walk into a store,” Fidel said, entering a smiling white doll with white pigtails. Fidel continued to walk through the store, examining the many white dolls on the shelves and boxes.

She said that although the store had “lay off some of the other models,” “most” of the dolls appeared to be white. Since it aired, the Newsmax clip has created quite a stir online, appearing in viral feeds on Reddit and Twitter.

“When I was a kid, you could ask for American Girls dolls to look like you,” said one Reddit user. Customers looking for a custom American Girl doll can go online for do-it-yourself dolls, where skin tone, facial features, hairstyles and accessories like braces, hearing aids and glasses can be customized to suit them. ***

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