Viral Appearance of iPhone 16 Pro Max on TikTok

iPhone 16 Pro Max goes viral on TikTok a user shares a review. Apple has yet to announce the launch time of this phone.

@rizkipew a tiktok user shares a gadget review that claims the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

He also shared photos taken using a gadget that the iPhone 16 Pro Max claimed was in portrait and lowlight mode for night photos.

The TikTok user also shared the rear view of the iPhone 16 Pro Max. The shape is similar to the Pro Max model that has been released.

The gadget that the iPhone 16 Pro Max claims has a boba camera, with five lenses on the back. While the iPhone 14 has three.

However, Apple just launched the iPhone 14 in September 2022. This United States (US) based company usually releases the latest gadgets in September every year.

“Usually Apple holds its annual iPhone event in September,” he was quoted as saying by CNET last weekend (14/1). “iPhone released the week after on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

If this is true, it is estimated that Apple will present the iPhone 15 in September 2023 and the iPhone 16 in September 2024.

There is no information regarding leaked specifications for the iPhone 16 or iPhone 16 Pro Max. Apple will only launch the iOS 16 operating system or operating system (OS) in March.

Meanwhile, there have been many leaks of the iPhone 15 specifications. The details are as follows:

1. The iPhone 15 USB-C charger is estimated to use charging, aka USB-C charger. This is because the European Union asked Apple to use this type of port by 2024.

“Will Apple switch all iPhone models to USB-C or only those sold in Europe. Apple already modifies iPhone models regionally, as it did with the iPhone 14,” CNET said.

Techsponential analyst Avi Greengart believes Apple has good reasons to switch all iPhones to USB-C going forward. “There are greater ecosystem, security, and accessory considerations with power/data connectors,” he says.

2. There are four iPhone 15 models. The device manufacturer is expected to release four iPhone 15 models.

3. The iPhone 15 site bar design is predicted to still use Dynamic Island, which is Apple’s term for the toggle feature or site bar on the top edge of the screen. It is available on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

4. Solid-state buttons available for iPhone 15 pro models TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that the iPhone 15 Pro models use solid-state volume and power buttons, rather than the standard buttons found on current devices. According to him, the iPhone 15 solid-state button will be similar to the home button on the iPhone SE and iPhone 7. This is to protect against water ingress.

5. Increased RAM for iPhone 15 pro models According to Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, the Pro models of the iPhone 15 lineup will get a RAM increase from 6GB to 8GB from 6GB. This is to complement the A17 Bionic chipset. “The base model will continue to receive 6GB of RAM,” said TrendForce.

6. iPhone 15 camera: Periscope style telephoto lens Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will use a periscope style telephoto lens. This kind of telephoto lens allows a higher level of optical zoom. He predicts that this device can do 6x optical zoom for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is a jump compared to the optical zoom on the iPhone 14 Pro Max 3x, but still below the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 10x.

7. iPhone 15 price: Up or down? “The price of the regular iPhone 15 is expected to remain the same,” according to the analyst.

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