Viral Georgina Njenga Twitter video Leaks

The video was reportedly released on January 4, 2023 by messaging platform Telegram.

Until now, it is not known who is responsible for the leak. Some sources say that the person responsible for the leak could be Georgina Njenga herself, while others point to a close friend of Njenga known as Dan @dan45at on Instagram.

It is also said that the video may have been obtained by someone who is not supposed to have it. The water feature in the video is said to have been recorded on April 4, 2020. According to one popular blog, there is a screenshot showing Edgar Obare’s communication with the person who allegedly deleted the video.


A video featuring Georgina Njenga, Tyler Mbaya’s ex-girlfriend, was recently shared on the Telegram messaging platform. The video has taken the internet by storm with many in Kenya wondering who posted it.

Njenga and Mbaya had previously announced their breakup on Instagram due to “unresolved concerns”, but Njenga later clarified that the breakup was just a joke on a reality show or playing a prank on a friend.

The footage shows Njenga performing a sensational dance showing only the tattoo on her thigh. Njenga and Mbaya welcomed their first child in 2022, according to reports Andrew Kibe had predicted this couple would experience something like this. However, the video advertisement caused controversy between the couple.

georgina njenga twitter viral video njenga

In 2022, Georgina Njenga announced on Instagram that she and her partner had ended their relationship due to unresolved issues. He later explained that the breakup was just a prank on a reality show or a prank on his friends.

A video showing Njenga dancing erotically and wearing nothing but a tattoo on her thigh has gone viral online, sparking controversy for the couple.

In 2022, Njenga and her partner, Tyler Mbaya, welcomed their first child. Andrew Kibe reportedly predicted this event would happen to the pair, and commented on the leaked video, saying “eight months later the prediction has come true. NUKES are everywhere on the internet!”***

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