Viral Optical Illusions: Amazing Paintings

The painting is so extraordinary, in fact, that it shows an aging woman walking past her.

The incredible optical illusion in a painting that shows an aging woman while walking has surprised netizens.

The video shows a painting of a girl hanging on the wall. As the camera pans from left to right, people see the girl growing into a woman. As the camera reaches to the far right, the woman ages significantly.

“This brilliant painting shows human aging as you walk through it,” the video’s caption reads.

The painting was created by Spanish artist Sergi Cadenas.

The viral optical illusion has netizens in awe, leaving many wondering how the painting was made.

One user said “Wow!! This is great!!” Another wrote: “From 12 to 95.”

A third user added: “Damn, the guy who did that is so talented.” Someone commented: “Wow! Life in one picture.”

Another explained: “It’s not painted on a flat canvas. The leaves are made up of thin, three-sided lines that you can paint to achieve this kind of effect.”***

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