Viral Review: King of Hearts

The latest viral, Brian Johnson, who is known as the King of Hearts; Internet’s influence on the medical industry, exposing steroid use.

That might not be a big deal since most people care about health and PEDs (functional medicine), but the King of Hearts is in a different situation.

That said, the King of Hearts has a normal body since he was involved in social media. However, he now admits that he spends over $12,000 on steroids each month.

Brian runs a website called where he sells the “parental philosophy”. He sells extras such as beef offal and beef liver, to gain the body he owns. The website contains useful information such as workout plans, motivational phrases and recipes.

Her audience, especially men and young adults, are stuck on using these supplements to give you a body like hers. That is not true.

In his latest YouTube video, he makes a video apology for his natural comments so far.

It seems logical that he’s taking steroids because he’s getting old and doesn’t want to age, and it’s okay if that’s the only reason he’s on DEP.

I think the problem with Liver King is selling supplements to young people who may not realize they are on PEDs and this will lead them to buy their product and believe they can get sick of Brian.

The king of hearts describes themselves as eating all kinds of meat, which can cause illness and disease.

All of Brian’s scams earn him hundreds of millions of dollars a year.***

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