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Gojo Saturo is a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High School. Gojo Satoru has great technical Jujutsu skills, so many cursed spirits are afraid to face him. Although Gojo Satoru was a strong figure and feared by his enemies. However, Gojo Satoru’s personality was extremely carefree.

In addition to his cheerful nature, Gojo Satoru is also often teasing other people. Not surprisingly, there are several characters who feel upset and disturbed by this attitude.

Here are 7 ridiculous things about Gojo Satoru:

1. Gojo Satoru has no talent for drawing

Even though Gojo Satoru had a cool appearance and great fighting skills.

However, Gojo did not have a good drawing talent. When Gojo received a surprise attack along the way, by a high level cursed spirit named Jugo. After the incident, Gojo reports back and tells Fushiguro the details.

Next, Gojo Satoru painted a picture of a high level cursed spirit, namely a picture of Hanami and Jugo. Even though the image of Gojo Satoru that was shown to Fushiguro was very ugly. But the funny thing is, when a high level cursed spirit attacks Tokyo Jujutsu High School. Thanks to Gojo’s ugly drawing, Fushiguro is still able to recognize Hanami and mistrust him.

2. Gojo Satoru borrowed Maki’s knife and did not return it to her.

At that moment, Gojo ordered Yuji and Nobara to lift the curse inside the old building. Yuji had complained that he hadn’t mastered Jujutsu techniques yet. Because in theory, the curse can only be lifted with a curse. Gojo tells Yuji that if Yuji’s body includes half of the curse, then he can handle the curse.

However, Gojo forbids Yuji from using Sukuna’s magical power inside his body. Gojo then gives him the “Demon Slayer” magic tool, a weapon that contains magical power. As a result, Yuji is able to use a magic knife well and manages to finish off the cursed spirit.

But the problem is that the “Demon Slayer” knife that Gojo gave to Yuji belongs to Maki.

During an exchange meeting between fellow Jujutsu, Tokyo and Kyoto schools. The two schools hold a strategy meeting, before beginning their match against the cursed spirit.

Later, Maki, as a senior and second year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High School, found out that Gojo lent Yuji a knife. Maki asked Yuji to return his magic knife, but Yuji couldn’t bring himself to say if Yuji had damaged Maki’s knife. Because of that, Yuji said that Gojo had taken the magic knife from him, then Maki cursed Gojo saying “blindfolded idiot”.

It is possible that Yuji did not properly protect the magic knife, thinking that it was given to him by Gojo. Although the magic knife did not belong to Gojo, but to Maki. This is really bad, Gojo Satoru.

3. Gojo Satoru made a ridiculous surprise idea

Yuji is a Jujutsu high school student rumored to have died while performing his duties. However, thanks to Sukuna’s ability in Yuji’s body, Yuji manages to come back to life. Also, Gojo kept Yuji’s condition a secret for 2 months. Gojo then trains Yuji to become strong and promises to announce Yuji’s whereabouts at the Jujutsu high school exchange meeting.

At that time, an exchange meeting was held between the Jujutsu, Tokyo and Kyoto high school classmates. Yuji then demands a promise from Gojo, because Yuji can’t wait to go back to school, meet his friends and older people.

However, Gojo discourages Yuji from showing up as usual. Because Yuji has been presumed dead for 2 months. Gojo has an idea and asks Yuji to follow his instructions. Because Gojo will give Yuji a surprise gift.

Gojo guarantees that class 1 will definitely be surprised and glad, then cry and laugh. The second-year students of Tokyo High School and the students of Kyoto High School will also cry. As a result of being too happy to see Yuji still alive. There are even people who cry too much to cause vomiting. Finally solving the problem of Global Warming. That was Gojo’s promise to Yuji.

As the high school students and teachers from Jujutsu, Kyoto and Tokyo gathered together. Then Gojo with a joyful expression arrived with a big suitcase. Gojo admitted that he had just left on a business trip abroad. In addition, Gojo distributed amulets from certain tribes to students in Kyoto.

Gojo then gave a large suitcase as a gift to the students of Tokyo Jujutsu High School. Yuji then suddenly appears with a cheerful expression, while Gojo says that this is your friend Yuji, who has died.

However, the reaction to Yuji’s arrival was different from what Gojo had promised. Because none of the high school students from Tokyo seemed happy, and the high school students from Kyoto focused on memories of Gojo.

4. Gojo Satoru tidak Izinkan Fushiguro pulang

When Fushiguro visited Sukisawa Third High School, Miyagi Prefecture. Fushiguro was ordered to search for the cursed item from Sukuna’s finger at night, but when Fushiguro opened the instrument box where the cursed item was stored, it turned out to be empty.

Later, Fushiguro contacted Gojo Saturo via phone call and informed him that he had not found any cursed items in the instrument box. Gojo then answers Fushiguro, if he doesn’t allow Fushiguro to go home, before finding the cursed item on Sukuna’s finger.

As a result, Fushiguro swore that he would hit Gojo another time.

5. Gojo Satoru Changes the Tradition of Jujutsu High School Matches

When the Jujutsu, Tokyo and Kyoto high school exchange meeting took place. The directors of Tokyo and Kyoto each proposed a type of competition, which would take place over 1 full day. In a 2-day interval as a friendly event. Every year the first day is group matches and the second day is individual matches.

Since Tokyo High School and Kyoto Jujutsu had already held group matches, individual fights were next. However, due to the ridiculous actions of Gojo Satoru who hated tradition, Gojo changed the second day’s competition without permission. What was supposed to be a one-on-one fight, Gojo turns into a game of baseball.

As a result, the directors of Tokyo and Kyoto. Namely Yaga and Gakuganji, they were angered by Gojo Satoru’s actions.

6. Gojo Satoru Yuji Custom School Uniform

At that time, Fushiguro and Itadori Yuji were waiting for the arrival of the third year of the first year, also from Tokyo Jujutsu High School. Then, Gojo Satoru approached Yuji and Fushiguro, while he too waited for the arrival of the Class 1 students who hadn’t arrived yet.

Gojo is impressed that Yuji’s Jujutsu high school uniform was made on time, even though Yuji is a freshman. However, Yuji is somewhat surprised that his school uniform has a head covering and some differences from Fushiguro’s uniform.

Gojo tells Yuji that if you make a request, the uniform can be adjusted. However, Yuji felt that he had never submitted a custom uniform request, Gojo then told Yuji that Gojo had made a personal decision and submitted a custom request for Yuji’s uniform. However, Yuji didn’t care.

Fushiguro then tells Yuji to be more careful. Because Master Gojo has a habit of acting as he pleases.

7. Gojo Satoru pranks his students

To celebrate the completion of grade 1 of Tokyo Jujutsu High School students, namely Yuji, Nobara, and Fushiguro. In fact, 2 of them were coming to Tokyo for the first time, so Gojo decided to take his students for a walk in Tokyo.

Yuji and Nobara are excited to be invited for a walk in Tokyo. Nobara asked to be taken to Tokyo Disneyland and Yuji asked to be taken to Chinatown. Yuji and Nobara then fight over where to go for a walk, Gojo then announces that the destination of his walk is Roppongi. As a result, Nobara and Yuji get along well, because they both like Roppongi.

But in reality, Gojo had been playing a prank on the first graders because Gojo took the first graders to visit a public graveyard and then asked Nobara and Yuji to lift the curse inside the abandoned building, as part of it. of the field test.

As a result, Yuji and Nobara feel that Gojo Satoru has tricked them. Especially Nobara, who complained that Gojo had made fun of the local people, even though the local people had contributed to making the townspeople eat rice.

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