YouTube And Google Hit With $26 Million Verdict In Video-Sharing Patent Fight


On Tuesday, the Texas jury found that YouTube’s streaming technology worked uniformly to VideoShare’s patented technology for converting a video to multiple formats and transmitting it in the format that best suits a user’s device. Google and YouTube’s claims that the patent was invalid for containing “well-understood, routine, and conventional” elements were dismissed by the jury. 

In an email on Wednesday, Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda said that the company remains confident that the patent is invalid and that it did not infringe. Castaneda also said that the company is currently evaluating its options for moving forward. 

In a statement on Wednesday, VideoShare’s attorney Michael Shore said that the company “had the facts and the law on its side.” VideoShare sued Google and YouTube back in 2019. The company claimed that YouTube’s technology for transmitting a video to a user based on what format best suits the user’s device infringed the patent. 

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